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Upgrades You Should Check Out When Re-Roofing Your Home

Upgrades You Should Check Out When Re-Roofing Your Home 1
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Re-roofing your home is a rewarding thing. It says a lot about how serious you are as a homeowner and how much you value your current domain. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of upgrades you can do for your very first re-roofing project.

What is Re-roofing?

Before we dive deep into the upgrades you need to get for your re-roofing project, let’s make one thing clear: what exactly is re-roofing? Well, you might think it’s a generic term for replacing your roof with brand new shingles and other materials, but it’s actually a pretty specific procedure. Re-roofing means putting new shingles on top of your old ones.

Why would you do that? First of all, it’s a whole lot cheaper than stripping off your old roof and putting on a new one altogether. It’s also a much faster procedure than an entire roof replacement.

However, keep in mind that you can only use this remedy once. If you’ve never re-roofed your home, then you can pretty much do this. But if you’re trying to attempt a second re-roofing project, think again. You might do more harm than good.

Upgrades for your First (and Last) Re-roofing Project

Now that you know what re-roofing is all about, read on to find the best upgrades you can do for your re-roofing project.

***With roofing projects involving getting on your roof, always practice proper ladder safety before attempting any of these projects on your own***

  1. Opt for re-roofing with ‘cool roof’ shingles

Before thinking about other upgrade options, the first thing you need to determine is what kind of roofing material you will be using for your project. Asphalt roofing shingles are one of your best bets because of their versatility. They come in a variety of colors and can be made of organic or synthetic materials. Plus, they are pretty durable and can last you up to 25 years, and work well with a lot of home designs.

Moreover, asphalt shingles can also be considered cool roofing products especially those that have high solar reflecting capabilities.

  1. Install a Roof Vent

While doing a re-roofing project, it’s also best to think of the overall improvement or your roofing ventilation system. So, if you don’t have a roof vent yet, now is the best time to install one. Why do you need a roof vent? Well, it protects you from the harsh extremes of weather during the cold winter months and hot summer days. It provides adequate air circulation, which is crucial, especially now that a virus is threatening the lives of everyone on earth. But do note that once you install roof vents, they need to be maintained regularly to keep them in their best condition to do their jobs properly.

  1. Consider replacing your Gutter

Just like your roof, gutters are essential components of any home. Since you’re already doing some cleaning and maintenance work for your roofing system, you might want to include replacing your gutters with new ones. Fortunately, there are now a lot of types of gutters you can choose from that aren’t easily clogged and have a better design that would work well with your re-roofing.

  1. Think about putting an airtight chimney cap

Aside from vents and gutters, if you’re living in a temperate climate, you should also consider installing an airtight chimney cap that keeps not just rain but also other critters away from your chimney. A proper chimney cap works wonders and will ensure the unimpeded functionality of your chimney, especially when it’s needed the most.

  1. Check out your eave flashing options

If you want to take your roofing project to the next level, and if you have extra budget to spare, you can also install eave flashing or drip flashing to the edge of your roof.  Much like the gutters, eave flashing can keep water and ice away from the top of your wall. And just like a chimney cap, eave flashing can also prevent bugs and other creepy crawlies from making nests in the nook and crannies of your house.

Now that it’s 2021, it’s time to give some attention to your roof. Re-roofing your home is a worthwhile endeavor that you should be doing at least once in your lifetime. This ensures that your house stays strong and protected for a long, long time.




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