Up Your Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine with These 6 Steps

Anti-Ageing Skincare

No one can stop a person from ageing. But with proper care, it’s possible to look younger than your age. A good skincare routine can delay the appearance of common signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sunspots. These steps, along with the right products, could be your holy grail too. Here is an essential guide to a 6-step routine to help you take care of your skin better.

Always use a mild or gentle cleanser on your face

Cleansing is the first step to skincare. But many people make a mistake by choosing harsh exfoliating products that damage the skin’s natural barrier. The purpose of cleansing is to remove dirt, excess oil, and makeup. A cleansed face will also help product absorption; that’s why this step is crucial. In choosing a cleanser, look for a product with low pH. Avoid anything that contains sulphates and other artificial ingredients.

Toning or exfoliating

Toning the skin helps restore its pH and moisture. But, if you’re using a gentle cleanser, you may skip this step and exfoliate instead. This step will help remove dead skin cells from your face that make it appear dull. You can use a physical exfoliant like a soft sponge or use a chemical exfoliant instead.

Chemical exfoliants contain active ingredients such as AHA and BHA. These components not only remove dead skin but also help lighten uneven pigmentation.

Pat on your anti-ageing serum

A crucial step in an anti-ageing skincare routine is the serum. This product typically contains a higher concentration of active ingredients. Skincare products like SkinCeuticals contain anti-ageing ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and retinoids. These ingredients encourage collagen production and, at the same time, absorb oxidants that build up and damage your skin.

Put on your favourite moisturiser

Moisturising helps protect your skin from dryness. As we age, the skin produces less sebum making it prone to dryness and wrinkles. Choose a moisturiser with ingredients that help bind or trap moisture into your skin. Nevertheless, look for one that works for you. Some people can be sensitive to specific ingredients, especially scents. So, finding the right product could require some trial and error.

Sunscreen is a must

Sun damage will surely make your skin age faster. Skincare experts cannot stress enough the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. A product with broad-spectrum protection is perfect for daily use. There are also different formulations you can choose from. Some are oil-based, while others are water-based. If you don’t know which product to buy, there are fantastic sunscreen brands from other countries you can try.

Protect your skin from damage

Your skin becomes more fragile as you get older. Rubbing, scrubbing, and scratching your skin will have a lasting effect. Always be gentle when putting on your skincare products. Instead of rubbing, gently pat the product onto your skin. Also, you may want to avoid sleeping with your face against the pillow. Prolonged contact with a rough surface could induce the development of sleep wrinkles.

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