Types of Defenses to Get You Bail Bond Remission

Types of Defenses to Get You Bail Bond Remission 1

Though you are as careful as you possibly can to minimize the chances of landing in jail for various crimes, you might not be so lucky. Even good people, at times, get themselves on the wrong side of the law for one reason or another.

Whether you are guilty or not, you do not deserve to languish in jail waiting for the courts to determine your case and sentence you. In this case, you can apply for a bail bond. Getting bail bonds might not be so easy for Salt Lake County residents since few if any people will plan for an arrest.

Thankfully, you can get a bondsman to post the bail for you and get out of jail at a specified percentage of the bail amount as its fee along with some form of guarantee. In most cases, getting a bail bond also involves certain conditions you will need to follow.

Some of the common ones are attending your court hearings, not traveling out of the state or country and not engaging in criminal activities. If you break any of the conditions set, your bail might be forfeited. This means that the money posted as your bail will not be refunded.

Here are the defenses that you can use to get the forfeiture remitted.

You Were Unaware of the Conditions

There are times when the courts might accept the defense of a lack of knowledge as a defense for your violation of bail conditions. While you should be aware of all the requirements a court sets, some might use legal jargon that leaves you confused.

If you can prove that you genuinely did not know the conditions, you can get a remission on your bail forfeiture.

The Violation of Your Bail Conditions Wasn’t Willful

There are times when the circumstances that force you to break your bail conditions are largely beyond your control. If you can demonstrate that you did not willingly and maliciously break your bail conditions, this can get the bail bond forfeiture set aside.

You might, for instance, have had an accident and been unable to attend your court hearing or had to travel out of state for a personal emergency.

There Was No Expense Incurred Trying to Locate You

The government will ordinarily want to recoup the money used trying to locate you for breaking various bail conditions. They will do this by imposing bail bond forfeiture. If the government used no funds trying to find you, you could use this as your defense to get a bail remission.

There Was No Damage Suffered by the Government

If you violated bail conditions and was involved in a crime, then getting remission might not be as easy. If, however, there was no damage suffered by the government, you can use this as your basis for a bail bond forfeiture remission. The defense can be further enhanced if nobody suffered damages from your violation.

A bail bond forfeiture will see you lose a lot of money. With the above defenses, nonetheless, this might not be an eventuality. You can have part of full remission of your bail bond forfeiture.

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