Traditional Advertising Strategies that Still Work in 2021

Advertising Strategies

The birth of digital technology saw many businesses completely deserting traditional advertising channels to fully devote their time and resources to online marketing. This might be a logical move if you only have enough resources to pursue one advertising strategy.

However, a recent survey revealed that traditional marketing is still a vital part of any brand strategy. It’s because traditional media remains to be the most trusted platform for product and brand advertisements. In fact, users report that they actively ignore online pop-up ads, making it the most hated and least effective mode of advertisement in this day and age.

With this, businesses are urged to revisit their advertising strategies to maintain a healthy balance between online marketing and traditional ads. If you’re not sure where to start with the latter, here are some non-obsolete traditional ads that remain relevant in 2021 and the foreseeable future, for that matter.

Newspaper/Magazine Ads

Print media is interesting. For the longest time, people are saying that print is a dying industry. They’ve been saying that for years, but this media platform has stood the test of time. People still trust what they see on print, and most establishments refuse to cancel their subsisting subscriptions to broadsheets and magazines.

The case for print advertising is bolstered by the permanent nature of print ads. If you run a print ad on a magazine, it will remain on that issue forever, and anyone who picks up a copy will be reminded of your business every time they flip through its pages.

Point-of-Purchase Ads

Brand labels on packages and custom cotton labels are some of the most effective forms of point-of-purchase ads. These are basically small print ads that customers take away with every purchase.

Point-of-purchase ads are an important component of word-of-mouth advertising, which is still the most effective (not to mention free) mode of advertising of all time. When people wear/bring/display your product and their friends like what they see, they will surely ask your client where they got the product or where they bought it from. The cotton tags will be their main reference in case the buyer no longer remembers where they got the item from.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertisements include transit ads, billboards, banners, and even posters on public notice boards. As long as these are put up in places where the foot traffic is high daily, you can rest assured that your message will be received loud and wide. Some of the best places to put up outdoor ads are waiting sheds where people spend a lot of time just sitting around waiting for their rides and whatnot.

When people are bored with nothing else to do, they will start reading anything they can see. This is why people read the back label of shampoo bottles when they forget to bring their phone on loo visits. Another advantage of outdoor advertising is affordability. Although it may seem pricey at face value, you should consider how many people will get to see your outdoor ads on a daily basis — then you will realize that it’s actually worth it.

Cold Emails

While email marketing is still considered a part of digital advertising, it’s one of the earliest forms of digital marketing, so much so that it can already be considered a traditional advertising strategy. Sending emails to potential customers requires careful planning, soft skills like building rapport, negotiations, and lots and lots of guts.

As long as you have a solid prospects list to work on, cold email marketing can generate hundreds of leads for your business in a short span of time. Business transactions always start with a connection, and sales are no exception. If you could start a good conversation with your target customers, then it’s only a matter of time before you can turn them into paying customers with loyalty to your brand.

Digital marketing is indeed very important and highly effective in many cases, but traditional advertising should not be absent as far as your general brand strategy is concerned, especially if your goal is to spread more trust about your brand and the products or services you offer.

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