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Bike lovers are very much careful about their bike nothing can match their love for their favorite bikes. There are numerous varieties of bikes available in the market and each rider has its own choice and preference when it comes to the best bike. Owning your dream bike and then riding it on the road is one of the best feelings for the riders as every bike lover dreams of it. For a bike lover, keeping his bike in good condition is the first preference and that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

Owning a bike is one thing but keeping it in the right condition with required maintenance is another thing. There are many people who love to purchase a bike and they are very much passionate about it but once the bike is parked in the garage, they are not able to maintain in the right way which leads to degradation in the performance of bike. Too much of carelessness in the maintenance can also lead to severe accidents and that’s why proper maintenance of bikes is very much necessary from every point of view. Whether you have a Honda CBR250RR or Honda CBR 150RR, every bike needs proper maintenance, regardless of its type, price and style.

So, in this blog post, we are going to look at some of the top tips which you can use in order to keep your bike in the right condition without letting its performance degrade.

Check tiers on regular intervals

Tiers of your bike are one of its most important parts and that’s why you should always check the tier before riding your bike. You should check the air pressure and the condition of the tiers so that you won’t have to go through any hassle while riding the bike and for avoiding any mishap due to bad tiers. Every bike manufacturer recommends a particular level of air pressure and you should follow that only. In order to avoid tier blowout, you should always check your tier for cuts and scrapes and along with this, you should also check the treads of tier once a week in order to keep riding your bike smoothly.

Check engine oil

The engine oil plays a very important role in ensuring the smooth functioning of your bike and that’s why you should never forget to check your engine oil. You should check the engine oil level and its condition at regular intervals. You should also check the engine oil for any type of oil leakage which can turn into a bigger problem if left unnoticed for a long period of time. The carbons deposit will thicken the oil and it will then create a drag movement for engine internals. If you will keep on running your bike on dirty fuel then you might be able to save some bucks but it will surely shorten the life of your engine which will turn out to be much more expensive than what you have saved by using dirty oil.

Never forget the engine

Engine is the heart of your bike as, without engine, your bike will be dead. If you will keep servicing your bike and regularly tune it then the engine will stay healthy and it will ensure smooth functioning of your bike. Regular servicing will also affect how the engine consumes the oil and it will surely help you in saving money on petrol. Along with this, you should also never forget to keep your carburetor clean. According to the ideal guidelines, you should clean your carburetor after every 1500 KM of travelling. You should also not miss the spark-plug as it always needs to be clean and the gap should be maintained according to the real adjustments. If you find anything bad in the spark-plug then you should get it replaced immediately as it plays a very important role in the smooth functioning of your bike. You should clean the spark-plug after every 750 KM of traveling.

Check the transmission system

The chains of your motorcycle need regular lubrication otherwise they will start showing resistance while driving the bike. You can use paraffin to wash your chains as cleaning the chains of your bike is also a very important part of bike maintenance. You should always use a soft brush and a cloth in order to clean the chains of your bike and avoid using water on your chains because of the water, the chains can get rusted.

In order to lubricate the chains of your bike, you can simply use the engine oil. Without regular lubrication, your chain will not be able to move smoothly and that will cause discomfort in your ride.

So, whether you own a Honda CBR250RR or Honda CBR 150RR, you can use the tips mentioned in this blog post in order to keep your bike smooth and running.

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