Top Swimwear And Bikini Trends For 2020/2021


Most Americans may be getting ready to celebrate Halloween, but did you know that some cities in the US see around half a million visitors from around the world during the fall, or that many Americans choose to visit warm, sunny destinations off-peak? While everyone else is getting their winter wardrobe ready and preparing for the chilly months up ahead, you might decide to fly to the Canary Islands, visit the Caribbean, or splash out on the rental of a floating villa in the Maldives. Moreover, Europe’s main river cruise season runs April through October, so you may still have plenty of opportunity to show off your new swimwear. If you are currently shopping for a few cool items to bring along, keep the following trends in mind.

Creative Bikini Top Sizing

One interesting thing that has changed in bikini wear, is the size of the bikini top material. Traditionally, bikini tops should cup the bust, providing support underneath, and style is integral to sizing. For instance, designs with a push-up effect are often recommended for smaller busts, while triangle designs are recommended for busts that don’t need the illusion of greater volume. Today, however, Instagram has created a big boom in the mid-bust triangle bikini top. This trend essentially consists of using a smaller-than-usual triangle bikini so that the top, bottom, and side curvature of the bust can be perceived.

Animal Prints

Zebra prints will be everywhere in 2020’ predicted Vogue, but you don’t need a crystal ball to see that zebra,  leopard, and other animal prints were all over leggy models at the Big Four Fashion Weeks. From Giorgia Tordini to Kendall Jenner, fashionistas have been touting the wild and wonderful prints inspired by nature’s wild beasts. You will find animal prints on bikinis, trikinis, and one-piece swimsuits. Whichever garment you select, ensure your outfit oozes glam by pairing it with large gold dangling earrings, your full set of love bracelets, and of course, your red-bottomed high heels.

Metallic Bling

Thanks to Instagram and other fashion-centered sites, bikinis are increasingly sporting more bling and glam, as can be seen in the plethora of swimwear in materials like glitter, metallic foils, and gold or silver details. Two particularly popular styles are the bandeau and the tankini, both of which can double up as tops to be worn to clubs or discos. Everyone from Chiara Ferragni to Olivia Ponton are showing fashionistas how it’s done. Pair up your top with an extra-large blazer and a mini skirt or short shorts and high heels, and voila! You will have the perfect party outfit.

One-Shoulder Glam

Bikini tops and swimsuits with just one shoulder (either in a thick or spaghetti-thin strap) are huge this season, owing to their ability to bring the eye to the shoulder and to add an unexpected curve to one side of the bikini. These styles are often paired with simple high-waisted bikini bottoms. If the simplicity and sportiness of this style appeals, add a little sexiness into the equation by opting for a suit in a shiny or foiled look.The summer season may be officially over, but of course, you can always chase the sun by traveling to an island paradise. If so, make sure you pack at last three or four bikinis so you can change your look according to your mood. Just a few trends to watch out for are tiny triangle tops, animal prints, metallic materials, and one-shoulder bikinis that will look fantastic on your Instagram wall or story.

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