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When was the first-ever practical joke made?


The truth is nobody really knows. But it’s safe to assume people have been playing pranks and laughing at the expense of others for a very, very long time!

While fewer people are making practical jokes today (for many reasons), pranks have made a comeback with the introduction of prank apps. These sophisticated but easy to use apps have become a far more convenient way to pull off your favorite pranks.

To save you the trouble of installing the hopeless apps, we’ve gathered our top 4 prank apps of today for you to try. So without further ado, let’s begin.


This Prankster App is perfect for those who sucks at making prank calls. If you’re like me, who fumbles over their words during a prank call, this app immediately provides the solution.

The OwnagePranks app offers over 100 prerecordings, automated to play during the call as you listen in. After calls are recorded, users can then listen again afterward and submit their best reactions to the Pranks Hall of Fame.

Each prank script contains a different prank scenario applicable to random situations – a disgruntled pick-up driver showing up too early or a man demanding you pick up your dog poop from his lawn.

Automated calls also use a speech recognition AI to identify keywords your friends will typically make and react accordingly, making conversations run as smoothly and humanlike as possible.

Main Features

  • Contains over 100 prerecorded calls with different prank scenarios
  • Receive one free credit a day to make a prank call
  • Submit your best prank calls to the OwnagePranks online community

Lie Detector Face Test Simulator Prank

While many lie detector prank apps require someone to be present to play the prank, this app only needs a picture of your buddy’s face, which can be sent online.

Highly entertaining and fun to play to pass the time, to begin, ask a question to your friend, and scan their face with your phone. You will then control the lie detector’s result for each question by pressing the volume button on your phone. And as mentioned before, if your friend isn’t physically present, ask to send his current facial expression via a photo that will be scanned.

Share your best questions and embarrassing answers over social media with your friends and family. Trick a friend into answering who they like at school or ask random questions like ‘Do you believe in Bigfoot’.

Main Features

  • A lie detector simulator which lets you secretly control the results
  • Scan your friends face in person or receive a picture online from the phone to scan
  • Use the volume control to control ‘Truth or Lie’ answers

Celebrity Voice Changer – Sound

When making great prank calls, the last thing you need is for your own voice to ruin the prank. If your speaking voice is distinctive, then the Celebrity Voice Changer is what you need.

This app immediately transforms your voice, so keeping anonymous is a certainty. From a massive list of celebrities like Hulk Hogan or Michael Jackson, choose who you want to sound like during your prank call.

Unlike most apps where voice options only allow users to manipulate their voice pitch, this has a far more dynamic and enjoyable selection of options.

To use the app, making a prerecording by speaking into the phone’s microphone and press record. Afterward, you will be able to apply said effects to transform how you sound instantly. A generated video will also appear with your brand new voice playing back at you.

Main Features

  • Transforms your voice with multiple celebrity voices available
  • Record your voice to apply voice changes
  • Great for prank calls to keep anonymous

Spider in phone Prank

Do you know someone with a phobia of tarantulas? Instead of buying a fake plastic spider online or visiting your local toy shop, download the ‘Spider in phone prank app.’

Like the title suggests, this app mimics real-life spiders to walk across your screen while you’re using your phone, regardless of the app you’re currently using. Spider designs and animations are so crisp and fluid that friends will believe it is a real spider, creating some fantastic jump-scare reactions for a brief moment.

Begin by either lending your phone to a friend or discreetly installing the app on a friend’s phone. And after launching the app, set the timer for when you want the spiders to appear.

Main Features

  • Set a timer for spiders to crawl across your phone screen
  • Spiders will appear regardless of what app you’re using
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