Top Party Wear Ideas for Plus Size Women

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It’s fair to say that the previous two years haven’t been pretty happening in terms of fun. Amid a pandemic, it’s been hard for people to get out for regular things, let alone having fun partying. However, with vaccines rolling out globally and infection rates slowing down, things gradually return to normal. While this doesn’t mean you can start hanging out in large groups without any SOPs, you can meet up with friends and hang out again. With such get-togethers happening after so long, we’re sure you want to look and feel like your best self. However, many plus-sized women feel it’s challenging to put together a flattering outfit for party season. Dressing for a party is all about looking confident, sexy, and beautiful, and your size shouldn’t keep you from being all of these things and more. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for some flattering styling tips for plus-sized women, keep reading below.

1.       Slip-on a Cocktail Dress

When in doubt, it’s time to reach for a sultry, flattering, yet comfortable cocktail dress. The cocktail dress is perfect for social gatherings that are slightly more formal. These dresses have a perfect length that falls to or just below the knee, making them fun and flowy. Cocktail dresses are inarguably one of the best options for plus-sized women, as they help balance out the silhouette.

Cocktail dresses come in a range of styles, and you can experiment as much as you like. These dresses are perfect for dinner parties, birthdays, brunches, and even for fun nights out. Floral prints are incredibly chic this season, and a floral cocktail dress looks perfectly flirty and feminine. Mid-length cocktail dresses are easily the most flattering option. Furthermore, you can opt for wrap plus size party dresses which help cinch in your waist and bring more definition to your silhouette. Additionally, suppose you want to go for a slimming effect. In that case, you can opt for black dresses, which can help you go for a more sophisticated look.

2.       Wide-Leg Pants

If dresses aren’t your thing, wide-leg pants are an excellent alternative. Although skinny pants used to be all the rage a while ago, stylists now prefer the more comfortable, wider-legged pants. Wide-leg pants give you a much more sophisticated look than skinny pants, and they help flatter your figure much better. You can pair it with a relatively more fitted top, and these pants can help you create the chicest outfit ever.

Furthermore, wide-leg pants make for the perfect outfit for a variety of occasions. These outfits look great on formal get-togethers when faired with a top in a luxe fabric or a blazer. Additionally, they can look incredibly chic for date nights and dinners if you want to go for a more sophisticated effect. However, the wide-leg pants, such a popular choice for plus-sized women, are comfortable. Whereas you need to keep worrying about chaffing in tighter pants, wide-leg pants are super comfortable.

3.       Pick Your Shoes Carefully

Your choice of footwear can easily make or break your outfit. A worn-out, mismatched pair of shoes can make even the best outfit seem drab and unattractive. Conversely, a chic, stylish pair of shoes can make any outfit look fabulous and well put together. If you want to draw the eye away from your perceived flaws, picking a pair of statement shoes can do the trick. If the rest of your outfit is more muted, opting for brighter shoes can help elevate your outfit immensely.

Furthermore, fun shoes are an excellent way to experiment with fashion. You don’t always need to go for the same color of shoes as the rest of your outfit. Instead, opt for a contrasting shade to add more depth to your outfit. However, if that isn’t up your alley, you can go for some classic pieces to add some finesse. While high-end shoes might be on the more expensive side, they’re worth the investment. Not only are they incredibly long-lasting, but they can make any outfit seem classier.

4.       Choose the Right Bag

Just as shoes can make or break an outfit, as can your choice of bag. Bags are much more than functional additions to your outfit – they’re one of the most vital accessories.

Furthermore, the size of the bag matters immensely too. While small bags are all the rage these days, they might not be the best choice for plus-sized women. Smaller bags do nothing to add balance to your outfit. They can make your get-up seem mismatched and unbalanced. Instead, opt for medium-sized bags which can look perfectly proportionate. Plus, you have a much better range to select from when it comes to larger bags. Fringes are very trendy this season, as are bold, eye-catching structures. Additionally, you can experiment with a range of colors and patterns and make your bag the highlight of the outfit.

5.       Pick the Right Fitting

There’s no reason why plus-sized women should shy away from wearing fitted clothes. A fitted skirt or top can help you highlight your figure unlike anything else and is the perfect look for any party. However, when going for something fitted, you mustn’t overdo it.

Additionally, when opting for a fitted outfit, it’s essential to add some balance. If you’re wearing a bodycon dress, keep your hair open to add a flowy element. Conversely, if your top is on the tighter side, add a looser pair of bottoms to balance it out.


After the whirlwind years we’ve had, it’s normal to want to let loose and have fun. Of course, you can’t do so without the perfect outfit. There’s no reason why plus-sized women should feel left out when it comes to enjoying party season. This article will help you figure out just how you need to dress, be it for a dinner, a party, or date night.

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