Top Five Trends in How to Install Racing Harness Without Bar

Racing Harness

Installation of a harness does not always require a bar. There are many methods that you can use to make sure that the harness is attached without adding the cumbersome bar. The bar might hinder mobility and a lot of people prefer the racing harness without the bar. You can learn about vehicle improvement and maintenance ideas, on this website:

However, you simply cannot race without the harness, be it for leisure or for professional reasons. A racing harness is a very important piece of equipment for safety reasons. This article will teach you how to install racing harness without bar.

Attaching to the Chassis

This is one of the easiest ways to attach the harness to your car without the installation of a bar. It is important to understand that in racing cars, the chassis differs from the roll cage. The role cage tends to be smaller than the chassis in race cars.

The point at which the chassis is, it is also where the safety cell is, because both are the same. This will help keep your harness in a very sturdy position. The chassis is considered one of the safest points in your car to attach the harness.

You have to attach your harness to your roll cage as well in order to make sure that it is safe for driving. There are times when people don’t necessarily want to use the harness for race car driving, you can use this method then. It is a very versatile method.

For better understanding of this method, you may research the parts of the car that the harness can be attached to. If you want to understand better how to install racing harness without bar, the internet will guide you best. Watch videos to be able to carry out this process.

With Eyebolts

You can install a harness bar without having a roll cage in your car as well. You can do this if you use eyebolts, but first you’ll have to learn how to install those eye bolts into your car. You have to look for eyebolts that are rear mounting.

This will make sure that do not come in your way while you are speeding at about 200 miles. There is a spot on the side of your car that is horizontal. This is called the console side. Gentle reminder that you have to make sure that the bolt is nice and tight.

In racing cars, there will be holes on the side of the headrest where you can put your bolts through. It is imperative that you do so to make sure that the bolts do not come loose at any point in time. It is quite easy to install the bolts.

Once that is done, when you are putting your harness through make sure that you cross the straps. This part is fairly obvious if you have had any experience with race cars.

Moreover, race cars have various spots to install your harness and this is a sturdy one.

4-point Harness

This is a very safe way of attaching the harness to your car without a bar. The 4-point harness is not only hassle free due to the lack of the bar. Instead, it is also quite protective because of the way that it is attached from 4 different points in your seat. It is easy to go faster when you have a 4-point harness over you, protecting you from going over if you stop at a halt. It is likely that you will have a lot more confidence in your driving when you are using a 4-point harness.

There are times when racecars will have holes in the headrest. This is the best way to pass your harness through to make sure that you are well protected. You may also use the eyebolt method to make sure that your harness is as secure as possible.

You will rap the front portion around the front of your seat. You can use the length adjusters to adjust the length according to what you may feel comfortable with. You can use an anchor point in the back to anchor the back of your harness as safely as possible.

5-point Harness

If you think the 4-point harness will protect you, the 5-point harness is a complete level up. The installation process is more or less the same excepting that you also have a belt going down your front which will keep you in place.

This belt can be attached to the back of your seat as well. It is the ideal form of protection that can be used. A 5-point harness requires bolts and such in order to be kept in place. However, the process isn’t too hassling if you already have some information about race cars already.

8-point Harness

The 8-point harness is another form of the 4-point harness that will be able to keep you in place. There is such a thing as an 8-point harness. This harness is often used by professional race car drivers because of the stealth and spontaneity that comes with that career.

The 8-poitn harness will provide extra protection by having two belts that go from the front of your chest to the back of the seat. This type of harness does cause problems with the restriction of mobility. However, it is ideal for derby drivers.


These are the different types of harness trends that can act as a replacement for the bar. They will be able to keep you protected in the best way. This article guided you if you don’t exactly know how to install racing harness without bar.

If you really want to get rid of the bar, these are the best ways to maintain a level of protection that is sans bar but equal to what the bar would provide. Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but they are ideal if you want a basic method which does not involve too many complications. Learn more about the safety and security measures that sports car drivers should take, on this website:

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