Top Best Alternative Websites Like Flixtor


What is Flixtor?

Flixtor.to is a streaming website that offers you high-quality movies for free. The site is similar to other streaming sites but with some new services and tools. It is also known as an automated search engine and it lists all the best quality videos. It is a similar site to hdonline to. The site has a huge collection of best movies that consist of various categories. Each category has its particular title to watch high-quality content. This website is safe as it does not host a file but offers links to the content. The website is also best for TV shows lovers and allows them to enjoy their full TV show episodes in HD format. Like other streaming sites, it is also updated regularly with the latest stuff. Its core features include up to 2 million titles, full-length movies, browse and filter, sort movies, place request, various categories, and a lot more. It is an entertainment hub for all the movie streaming lovers.

What happened to Flixtor?

The site has been pretty vague about what really happened to it. Some people think that the legal issues and pressure from the movie industry led the site to be shut down. Because most of the content available on the Flixtor.ac is pirated. So the copyright holders did their best to remove the website from the internet. But this seems unlikely because the site crew is working on new software to rebuild their library and come back online to provide better entertainment to its users. Its crew released a statement that the site should be back. So all is not lost! The website changed the code and came back as flixtor.to. But be careful because there can be malicious copies.

Flixtor Alternatives

To find the best streaming website is complicated enough. Any of the sites can harm your device or endanger your personal information. You can follow our list of Alternatives to flix tor and we ensure you that you don’t have to face these hazards. These are the best movie streaming sites Reddit. We also recommend the FastestVPN that will give you unlimited access to these websites with 100% privacy.

Top 20 Alternatives to Flixtor


MoviesJoy is our first pick as an alternative to Flixtor. It is similar to Flixtor in many ways as it is also free from annoying ads. It also offers you to stream free movies and TV shows. And it offers HD format content. Its user-friendly interface is quite good. You have been provided with different categories to choose from. It has Genre, Drema, Country, TV series, Top IMBD, and a lot more to select from. All the videos are labeled as Cam or HD. So you can find the highest-quality content with ease. It has more than 1K titles and a good pick as an alternative to MoviesJoy.


WatchSeries streaming site has a great collection of TV shows and movies. It has pop-up ads that are negotiable due to its other exciting features. But if you use VPN, it would block pop-up ads. The service is much responsive and very quick as well. It provides third-party host sites to stream and watch videos. So you should be patient. Its amazingly interesting user interface will amuse you. It is quite easy to find the movies and TV shows on the site. You should use a VPN if you are interested in this site.


SubsMovies.tv is another movie streaming site that amuses its users by its performance. Its click interface is quite easy to navigate. All the videos and movies are very well organized. It is quite easy to find the content of your interest through SubMovies. You will find it very easy to choose from the movies list. You will feel like a simple video index. The movie chosen will play on the website. Moreover, there is a tab to search videos. Subtitles are also available on the subsmovies.me. This helps those users who wish to watch their favorite movies in their native language. You can also find the translation of these subtitles too.


Flixsterpc View is the good replacement to Flixstor. You can easily watch movies on this website and can easily download movies and shows as well. Its interface is quite user-friendly and it is free and legal website to download movies and TV shows. The content on the site is integrated into various categories. You can find trailers of movies upcoming. You can find classic and new TV shows on the site. Its video player is well developed and video quality is optimized with the speed of the internet. Ads are rare on the website and you can also get exclusive titles on this platform.


The next alternative to fixtor is Popcornflix. As the name of the website indicates that have popcorn and enjoy the movie anytime, anywhere. The website has a few ads that is the reason the users attract to this website. Its homepage is quite good and the search bar enables you to find everything. It offers movies, dramas, thriller, horror, comedy, and a lot more. So you can easily find your best on the website. It has a reliable streaming speed. It has an impressive quality of videos. The site has Android and iOS applications as well. This allows you to shift from computer to mobile phone easily.


If the flixor is not working then Tubitv is an amazing substitute. It is a dependable streaming website to watch movies and TV shows online for free. Its homepage is user-friendly and the movies belong to multiple categories. The categories include Drama. Comedy, Fiction, Horror, Crime, Thriller, and a lot more. The site is a utility for Apple TV, Roku, Android, and various common streaming units. If you get through a registration, you can get videos of your interest easily. It is certainly a sensational website to find your favorite movies and TV shows.

Los Movies

If you are die heart fan of classics then Retrovision is the platform that provides you with a huge collection of movies from 60s. It contains a massive collection of classic movies from all over the globe. You can watch videos for hours without creating an account. It has multiple categories to choose from. That include Adventure, classic, drama, horror, fiction, Westerns, and a lot more. You can also find a tiny description of every movie that is quite interesting feature.


Zona is a Russian website and a good alternative to Flix.tor. It has a smart interface that you can personalize it by selecting from the themes. It is very well designed program. It features its own search engine and it contains movies to fit the users taste. You can download movies to watch later in your leisure time. You can download movie to watch in your leisure time. Moreover it enables you to choose the size, quality, audio, and subtitles, etc. It has near about 1000K hours of music, 150 TV channels, and 550 radio stations. It shows that zona is the best alternative to Flixtor to and has various kinds of material in one web page.


ShareTV is quite different from other listed sites. It is known as community site. It is operated by fans from all over the world. It contains a lot of hours of TV shows. The site has an enormous amount of TV shows and movies. It has an interesting user-friendly interface. You can select from drama, anime, horror, fiction, romance, comedy, drama, and a lot more. There are full-length episodes for most shows. All of these are free of cost. So we can say that ShareTV is the great alternative to Flixtor ac that offers endless hours of TV shows and movies.

10 Yidio

Yidio is another pick as an alternative to www.flixtor.to from the market. It offers features similar to flixtor. It is like a video aggregator. It has a massive collection of TV shows and movies and it provides various links to watch movies of your interest. For example, it gives links to 3rd party servers from where you can watch movies. Its various categories and simple interface make it a better alternative to Flixtor.

11 PopcornTime

Popcorn Time is an app that can be the best streaming solution. You may have heard about it before as it performs similarly to flixtor. The site is easy to use and provides you a varied catalog of TV shows and movies from various sources. You only have to select your desired movie then choose the video quality and decide about the closed captions and enjoy your favorite movie in better streaming quality. The site makes things easy and works on big platforms such as Mac OS and Android.

12 Project Free TV

Project Free TV is not actually a streaming site but it has a TV shoe index that allows you to find your stuff easily. It only precipitates you to find links where you can find that particular content. The site is totally ad-free that contains links to your desired show. The only drawback of the platform is that it leads you to 3rd party servers and you have to try multiple links to find one that performs well for you. You will not encounter any ads on it but the 3rd party sites might display a few ads. It has almost all the content you could search for and more content is being added on a daily basis.

13 LookMovie

LookMovie provides free movie streaming without ads. It offers all the latest movies that are provided soon after they released. But high-quality versions take much time to become available, while the quality varies for every title. It contains thousands of movies from classics to latest blockbusters. You can choose title from other languages as well. And turn the captions off according to your desire. The site, unfortunately, offers movies only, no TV shows. But overall it is the great platform for movie streaming.

14 PutLocker

PutLocker is the similar platform like Flixtor that has been performing around for years. It offers the new shows and movies online for free of cost. Through its menu bar, you can navigate among multiple genres. In addition the service has a section listing the best IMDb movies. It has an informational blog as well that provides you some of the new updates regarding film industry.

15 AZ Movies

Torrent TV is another movie streaming site that offers similar features to AZ Movies. You have to download the platform media player to watch shows on it. From where you can get access to a massive collection of files to choose from. Its click design is lovable. You need to drag and drop the file into the media player to start and download movies and shows at the same time. Torrent is available on multiple operating systems and devices including Windows, Linux, Apple TV, and Mac. It is no doubt a great alternative to Flixtor.

16 Openload Movies

Openload Movies is one of the best sources for watching TV shows and movies in HD format. It is quite simple to use this tool that makes it possible for the users to find the newly arrived movies in the high-quality content. The site divides its tool into four sections like movies, home, preferences, and new releases. You have to move to your favorite section except home because it will bring you back to the main interface. You can get access to the films from classic to newly release that are popular among people. If you want to find your desired movie by the name of actor, release date, genre then you have to move to the movies section from where you can find movies through these sources. It also allows you to sort movies by means of name, rating, duration, and date, etc.

17 MovieFlick

LoveFilm is another movie streaming service acquired by Amazon.it is one of great sites like MovieFlick. It has approximately 70 thousand movies and up to 4 million DVD, Blue Ray, Games and a lot more. It is the largest streaming outlet and DVD rental in the UK and Europe. This platform offers services to all the movie lovers with its downloading option. Moreover to dispatching and renting movies by posts is another amazing feature of this service. It is offering 5000 movies online as well. That you can watch from almost all the internet-supported equipment. These services are not free at all. You need to subscribe to the service and then you can stream movies from the list available to watch online.

18 Iflix

For the iOS users who want to stream and watch movies easily from their smartphones Iflix is the better option. They have to install this app and can enjoy their favorite movies online. The app is not recognized officially by the App Store. That is the reason it is not available on the App Store. You need to download the app from the independent store. However, you must be careful about the installation. It works in collaboration with Netflix. It is very simple to use. You can watch your favorite movies with this app faster than before. The app is also best for managing the accounts and profiles as well.

19 Rainierland

Rainierland is amazingly different from all the entertainment-based websites. The site is dedicated to HD format movies and TV shows that you can watch for free. It is the house of thousands of top class movies and a dedicated platform for watching your favorite stuff. It does not have any ads. You can expect ad-free entertainment from the platform of Rainierland. Its interface is amazing and you will not face hazards during the search of your desired stuff. For your ease the web section is further divided into sub sections such as newly added movies, search bar, movies according to genres, and most viewed movies. Its best feature is TOP IMDB area. It is the best service to watch movies into all the categories such as animation, adventure, action, comedy, documentary, crime, fantasy, TV shows, family, thriller and a lot more. You can filter the movies according to the year too.

20 Gomovies

GOMovies is the best service on the internet for watching top rated movies for free. One of the best features of the website is that it showcases the newly released movies as well. As regulations and law may vary in a particular country, the site might not be legal in the country of your residence. If you are die heart fan of movies and want to watch new released movies for free then GOMovies is the right place for the purpose. The service charges nothing and allows you to watch movies for free. There is an issue with the newly released movies and that is the low-quality print of the newly released movies. So if you can compromise on the print quality then GOMovies is the right place.


The absence of Flixtor is a big loss for the worldwide streaming community. So don’t follow malicious sites. You should choose one of the Flixtor.2 alternatives we have recommended and use VPN to protect your device from cyber-attacks. VPN will protect you from legal issues if the site violates the copyright law. It’s your turn now to choose a site and watch your favorite movie. Any website from above mentioned list can fulfill your desire.

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