Top activities to do in Trinoma


Trinoma is a popular shopping center located in Quezon City. It was first opened to the public on January 1, 1986, and has since become one of Metro Manila’s main commercial centers. There are several attractions in Trinoma that you can enjoy with your family and friends during your free time, like movies, amusement park rides, swimming pools, art galleries, and hot spring baths. There are also unique shops at the Centermall where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

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What To Do in Trinoma?

Movies and Shows

Watching films doesn’t have to cost you a great deal of money, especially if you want to make the movie experience more affordable. There are several cinemas in Trinoma where you can have your tickets at cheaper rates. If you want to save even more, watch shows that are not yet released in your area or just fast forward to movies available on Netflix and other VOD service providers.

Amusement Parks

Put your child’s fascination with Disney princesses to good use by going inside the Trinoma amusement park, which is also located at The Block in front of Shangri-La Plaza Mall. It has six different rides that will keep you entertained, and it is best enjoyed during summertime so bring an extra shirt because the temperature rises as soon as you get off the ride. Visit the Goldilocks, Crayon Kingdom, and the Photo Safari for even more fun.

Swimming Pools

For those who want to have a good time under the sun, you can take a dip at Trinoma’s outdoor swimming pool. It has three different sections: a kid’s pool, lap pools, and hot tubs. You can bring your own floaties to Kidz Pool, while adults must use life vests when they swim laps in the lap pools section.

The open stalls are quite small, but it is enough if you just want to chill or read a book while basking under the sun. There is an entrance fee of P40 for adults and P30 for children. But if you want to upgrade your swimming experience, go inside the Ozone Cafe, which is located at the top level of Trinoma.

There are two other outdoor pools in Trinoma, but they are smaller compared to this one because they are located on the upper floor near McDonald’s and Burger King. You will find these pools if you ever take the elevator going there or by escalator.

You can enjoy a bigger swimming pool with slides nearby, just about 5 minutes away from Trinoma via car, near Caltex Station along Ortigas Avenue Extension. One entrance would cost you P70, while you can have a combo entrance for only P100. It has smaller slides for kids and bigger slides for adults. There is also a family pool area if ever you want to spend the whole day there with your loved ones.

Hot Springs or Hot Spring Baths

There are many hot spring baths around Metro Manila, but it would be best enjoyed if they are nearby. If you do not like taking a long way, just head out to Trinoma’s Block 21, where you will find two hot spring facilities: Halcon Spa and Xentro Mall.

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