Top 6 Unique Medical Roles To Pursue In 2021

Unique Medical Roles

The medical field is growing tremendously worldwide. The reason for the growth is an increase in population and the advancement of medical conditions. With significant career opportunities, many students are pursuing a career in the medical industry. However, individuals are not going in this field only because of career growth. Another reason to follow a career path in this field is that these professionals can provide quality care to the patients and make a difference in society. Also, the industry has flexible working hours.

While thinking of making a career in the medical industry, chances are you may be thinking of a few typical professions. These may include a physician, nursing, pediatrician. No wonder these are exciting and rewarding fields but are you looking for unique careers in the medical field? A positive point of the medical industry is that the medical industry no longer restricts conventional professions. Below is the list of six unique and inspiring medical roles that you can pursue:


Writes proficient at understanding complex health matters and describing them in simple words are most suitable for medical writer roles. Medical writers work in pharmaceutical companies, healthcare websites, educational institutions, and health publications. They are responsible for conducting extensive research, writing, and editing medical and scientific content. The type of assignments for medical writers varies greatly. They can write reports on various studies, write journals, brochures, presentations, etc. These writers develop and promote health content. The salary range of a career can determine the value of any profession. According to the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), the average medical writer salary is $107,000 for writers working full time.


Many children and adults experience difficulty in communication and swallowing. These may include stroke patients, individuals with a stuttering problem, infants finding trouble in swallowing. Speech-language pathologists are responsible for assessing, diagnosing, and treating speech disorders. Professionals who are active listeners, have excellent communication skills, and are compassionate would fit this medical role. Typical job responsibilities of speech-language pathologist include:

  • Creating and implementing treatment plans based on their evaluation
  • Keeping track of any development in their patient and modifying method accordingly
  • Conducting and assessing speech and fluency test

According to BLS, a speech-language pathologist’s average salary was $79,120 as of May 2019 and would grow by 25% from 2019 to 2029.


It is no wonder that entering the field of healthcare opens the door for several professions. For those who want to join the medical sector without performing bedside duties, selecting a job is difficult. In such a case, a health communication specialist might be the profession worth bearing in mind. A health communication specialist’s primary responsibility is to work with others and make the general public understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, medical treatments, and preventive health. More like a marketing expert, these professionals, instead of selling products, work continuously to improve human health. The following tasks describe their job role:

  • Launching campaigns to promote general knowledge about health
  • Preparing posters and arranging workshops for educating people
  • Issuing press statements about emergency crisis or epidemics

It is a unique profession that requires a wide range of skill sets. Individuals willing to gear their career towards this side should earn a communications online degree to develop necessary skills.


As the name implies, genetic counselors are responsible for evaluating individual or family risk conditions concerning genetics. They conduct lab tests to identify congenital abnormalities and share the information with the parents expecting a baby and other healthcare providers. Typical workplace settings for genetic counselors are laboratories, hospitals, and fertility clinics. Following are the job duties of a genetic counselor:

  • Examine patients to understand individuals and their families medical backgrounds
  • Assess information, study, and discuss possible testing methods with patients, families, and mother medical providers
  • Participate in programs and seminars to keep up-to-date regarding genetics

Chiropractors are responsible for improving patients’ overall health, either it is spinal injury or back pain. These practitioners mainly emphasize the relationship between the backbone and the nervous system. They tend to treat the neuromusculoskeletal system’s problems, including joints, bones, chords, without the usage of drugs and surgery.

Moreover, chiropractors assist people with various therapy procedures. It includes rehabilitative workouts and massotherapy. Inserting support braces and shoes for the alleviation of pain is part of their job. General chiropractors do not limit themselves to the spinal column; they also specialize in nutrition, sports, and pediatrics. Most people now prefer naturopathy medical treatments, therefore causing an increase in the demand for chiropractors.


The eyeglasses or contact lens people wear are by the prescription of an optometrist. The optometrist is another growing profession in the medical industry. Not only do they deal with routine eye issues, but they also spread awareness about eye health. They provide counseling to patients about the effects of overall health on eyesight. For instance, they might advise patients on how smoking can lead to visual disabilities. Below are some of their job responsibilities:

  • Examine the eye and diagnose sighting issues
  • Perform a test on the optical system and deduce results
  • Perform minor operations for eye diseases
  • Prescribe medicines and eye wears
  • Diagnose other conditions such as diabetes and liver impairment


Picking out a profession from the medical sector allows you to enjoy the benefits of an ever-growing and worthwhile field. Fully knowing that you are helping others, promoting public health issues, and normalizing healthy practices makes you proud of yourself. With endless opportunities to advance in careers and high paying jobs, now is the best time to be a part of this rewarding field.

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