Top 6 Cute Flower Girl Gift Ideas

Top 6 Cute Flower Girl Gift Ideas 1

Flower girls are perhaps the most adorable members of your bridal team. No matter how young your flower girl is, keep in mind that she is an important part of your big day as the rest of the bridal team. Therefore, as you shop for perfect flower girl dresses, remember to include a cute gift for your flower girl.
That being said, shopping for a kid is not easy. We’ve made things easy for you by rounding up six cute gift ideas that your flower girl will absolutely love.

  1. Stuffed animals

Younger girls are especially fond of stuffed animals. You can easily find teddy bears, elephants, unicorns, and other stuffed animals in a store near you or on the internet. Make sure the stuffed animal matches your wedding theme. You can also have one embroidered with the name ‘flower girl’ or even her name.

  1. A personalized makeup bag or jewelry box

This gift idea is especially handy for older flower girls. A makeup bag will make her feel more included in your bridal team especially if her bag matches your bridesmaids’ gifts. Fill the makeup bags with such items as a charm bracelet, hair accessories, lip gloss, a nail file, or candy.
Alternatively, get your flower girl a personalized jewelry box. You can add such presents as a key chain, a necklace, or a bracelet.

  1. Kids sunglasses

Do you intend to take several sunglasses shots with your bridal team? Let your flower girls be part of the fun by buying them cute kids’ sunglasses.

  1. A shadowbox

This is particularly important for infant flower girls who have little or no idea of how significant your special day is as it preserves the mementos of the big day. You can store such things as the flower girl’s personalized invitation, dried flower petals from her bouquet, rice, photos of her as she walked down the aisle or with the bride and groom, a thank you card, and other wedding items.

  1. Customized tote bags

A tote bag is a sweet and functional gift that the flower girl’s parents will also love. Make it special by adding the flower girl’s name on it. You can fill the bag up with items that the flower girl will use on the special day such as hair accessories and lip gloss.

  1. A personalized robe and flip flops

Robes are a common bridesmaid’s gift item. Getting her a personalized robe and flip flops for them to wear as they prepare for the big day makes them feel special and part of your team.

A flower girl’s gift is meant to make her feel special on your wedding day. Keep in mind the girl’s age when choosing one. Luckily, most people who sell flower girl dresses also stock flower girl gifts.

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