Top 5 Most Financially Accessible Sports

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Most of us would love to be able to commit to getting in shape, but there are so many barriers in the way – at the moment, not least a financial one. Gym memberships seem to cost more than grocery shopping, and joining any kind of club or lesson is an added expense it feels difficult to justify. You can learn about the benefits of joining a sports club in your area, on this website:

There are plenty of low-cost fitness options out there, and we’ve listed just a few here to inspire you.

1. Tennis

Tennis can be an expensive sport if you want it to be; if you join the local club, sign up to lessons, go to socials, buy all the special gear, and everything like that then the cost won’t stay low. However, most towns and cities will have a free tennis court somewhere you can use – though you may still have to book a time slot! – and although it’s the convention to wear the right kit, you can just as happily play a great game of tennis in your favourite comfortable gym gear and a pair of trainers. As long as you and your fitness buddies have tennis rackets and a ball or two, you’re good to go!

2. Running

Though running shoes can be expensive, you only really need to invest in a good pair if you start running more than 5km on a regular basis; at this point it’s a good idea to make sure you’re certain your body is being properly supported. Until then, though you do need trainers rather than sneakers, you don’t need to break the bank. Even when better shoes become necessary – there are thousands of free downloadable running programmes out there to keep you going!

3. Basketball

Plenty of towns and cities have free basketball courts dotted around that you can use, which means all you need is a basketball and some friends to play with. This makes basketball a very low cost sport to enjoy!

4. Hiking

Though a hiking aficionado can easily spend hundreds on the best gear, for the casual or budget hiker it doesn’t have to be this way and hiking can be a real workout. Using hiking trails is free, and as long as you aren’t planning on tackling any very difficult or long-haul hikes, specialist equipment isn’t needed; a pair of sturdy boots, a backpack, and a decent water bottle should do you fine. And of course a map!

There are plenty of things in the way of committing to keeping fit – but hopefully this list helps you find ways around the financial one!

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