Top 4 Safety Tips For Riding Alone on Uber

Riding Alone on Uber

Uber accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. It is essential to take a few precautionary measurements while riding solo on Uber. While some things are common sense, here are four safety tips for riding alone on Uber.

Keep a Friend in the Loop

In between ordering a ride and awaiting the driver, text a friend and let them know where you are at. If you are booking a ride in the night, text two or three friends to find someone who is awake and checking their phone. Let your friend know that you are getting into an Uber and tell them the expected arrival time so that they know when to hear from you again. You could also share your live status with them and let them track your ride as a safe-date policy. They will know when to alert the authorities if they don’t hear back from you within a reasonable period. Texting a friend and keeping them in the loop is a smart safety step to ensure that someone is aware that you are on a ride and alert the authorities, including a lawyer, such as a Rideshare Accident Lawyer, who knows how to deal with an Uber accident.

Check The Driver & The License Plate

Suppose you are waiting for your Uber and a car arrives, don’t just get in without checking the license plate. Your Uber app will display the expected Uber car’s license plate to arrive and pick you up. After you have double-checked, you only get into the car that is the same license plate shown by your Uber order. If the driver insists that they are your driver but using a different car on that day, don’t take risks. Instead, cancel the ride on the safe side and call another Uber with matching license plates.

Besides checking the license plate, you need to check the driver by matching the driver’s name and photo. Take a good look at the driver and ensure that it is the same person as displayed on the profile. Ask their name and if it matches the info displayed on the Uber app, get in. if the driver’s photo and the name don’t match the information provided within the app, don’t get in. it is always better to play safe than never.

Prefer The Backseat

Did you know that a surprising number of passengers were assaulted while sitting close to the Uber driver? It is advised to refrain from sitting in the front seat. Instead, ensure that you are sitting the furthest away from the driver by getting in the backseat. Don’t forget to buckle up while you are at it, as the seatbelt will keep you safe in the case of an accident.

Tell the Driver That You Are Expected at The Destination

Don’t talk to the driver unnecessarily, and avoid sharing personal information while you are on the go. Make it a point to tell the driver that you are expected by someone at the destination, even if you are riding home to an empty house. It might sound a bit dramatic, but attempted kidnapping and assaults happen more often than one would care to admit.

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