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Top 4 Benefits of Fire Blankets you should know

Fire Blankets

Generally, heat-resistant materials are frequently used in different applications, particularly when it comes to extinguishing fires. You probably know that fire outbreaks are associated with millions of dollars in damage and can lead to the loss of precious life. For this reason, it is essential that you consider using suitable heat-resistant materials in your home, business premises, and workplace. It would be best if you also enacted various policies to ensure the safety of your employees and inventory.

One of the commonly used heat-resistant materials is a fire blanket, which can be used to put out a fire at infancy level long before it turns into a difficult situation. Fire blankets are highly resistant to fire flames, and that means you can quickly put them right above the fire and successfully kill the flame long before it spreads. This article focuses on the top four benefits of fire blankets that you should know.

1. Fire blankets can save lives

Today, blanket technology actually plays a crucial role in saving people’s lives, particularly those stuck in burning homes or business premises. In an unfortunate scenario that a person catches fire, you can quickly throw a blanket over them to kill the flames long before the person suffers severe Burns. A blanket can also be put over an area with fire, and the flame will die down quickly.

It is essential to mention that the blanket technology is effective when it comes to putting out small fires long before they spread. Huge flames or fires that are out of control may not be reduced by blanket technology. In this case, it is best to leave the issue to firefighters with the expertise and equipment to extinguish huge flames.

You probably know that putting out an electricity-related fire is the most challenging thing to do. Besides, if you use the wrong fire extinguishing technique can lead to devastating consequences. Suppose you have to put out an electrical fire in your home or workplace. In that case, you should consider using fire blankets instead of water because the latter can make a fire worse instead of extinguishing it. Indeed you can place the blankets where the sparks are coming from, and this will quickly subdue the entire flame.

In case you do not have the time to get to your fire extinguisher, particularly when you consider the speed at which electrical fire is usually spread, you may want to use fire blankets because it is a reliable strategy to put out electrical fires. It is equally important to train your employees on how to use blanket technology to put out fires within the workplace whenever possible.

3. Blankets can help put out kitchen or grease fires

Fire blankets can also be used to put out fires in your kitchen or put out fires that can quickly get out of hand. Keep in mind that you must ensure you have sufficient fire blankets around your kitchen so that you can easily and quickly cover up the fire whenever necessary.

As mentioned earlier, fire blankets only work if you already know how to cover up the fire properly and as early as possible, long before it is spread. If the fire flames are quickly increasing and your fire blanket seems smaller for the flames, you should call firefighters immediately. Do not try to be a hero by trying to put out huge fires because it is dangerous.

4. Fire blankets are also ideal for putting out outdoor fires

You can use fire blankets to stifle outdoor fires. While this can be perceived as an older strategy to respond to fires, it is increasingly used today, and firefighting experts have confirmed it is effective when implemented on time and properly. It is beyond any doubt that outdoor fires are more likely to get out of hand quickly due to the increased amount of air and the direction of the wind. This is one of the primary reasons you should consider putting out the outdoor fire as soon as possible using enough fire blankets.

According to most firefighting experts, all you need to do is to place the blanket on the fire. As long as you place it carefully and before the fire spreads out, the flame will be extinguished because the supply of oxygen will be cut immediately.


Blanket technology has proved effective when it comes to putting out both indoor and outdoor fires. Indeed, it can be used to protect people getting out of buildings on fire and protecting children. For instance, you can wrap children in these blankets, particularly if they must be carried out of an enclosed area. These blankets are effective, and as the technology continues to improve, you should have them in your kitchen and even on your business premises.

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