Top 3 Best Review Monitoring Tools for Your Business

Monitoring Tools

First impressions last, and when these impressions aren’t good, they could doom a business. It’s crucial to take the right step forward and impress potential customers. They need to feel enticed to say something positive about the company through reviews. When they end up having a terrible experience, the information might appear on the reviews too. Either way, companies have to find a way to monitor reviews. The use of review monitoring services would be of huge help in this regard.

It only takes one negative review for the business to fail. People make judgments quickly. Even if they are yet to get the complete picture, they immediately make up their minds. Having the right tools to monitor reviews and prevent incorrect information from spreading would be useful. These are three of the best review monitoring tools available for businesses to take advantage of.

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It’s a cloud-based solution that helps in streamlining monitoring tasks. The software is responsive enough that anyone who uses it can monitor reviews from a mobile device. Apart from monitoring reviews, it can also quantify the impact of the reviews on the business’s overall performance. After identifying the recent reviews, this tool also allows a quick way to respond to the reviews. Ultimately, when it’s easy and quick to respond to reviews, people will feel incentivized to leave more reviews. The tool can guarantee an increase in the number of reviews by up to 15%. It’s an option that works for new to monitoring tools and are looking for potential upgrades. The tool is affordable enough and might work with small businesses and startups.

Google Alerts

This option is probably one of the most widely used tools today. It’s excellent not only in monitoring reviews but in gauging the online conversations surrounding the business. It’s easier to have a better glimpse of people’s impressions. Sometimes, when tracking individual reviews, the bigger picture gets left behind. No one really understands what’s happening on a larger scale. It’s easy to get caught up in a tiny issue when the business’s overall impression is positive. It can also be the other way. The company feels good about the reviews tracked, but the bigger conversation seems negative.

The downside is that the broad information available makes it more difficult to implement specific changes. Even Google admits that this tool isn’t as comprehensive as they would like it to be. Still, given that it’s a product of Google, it’s worth looking at. After all, if there are changes in search engine ranking algorithms, their products will be the first to benefit. The amount to pay for this tool might be slightly higher than other options, but it’s still worth the price.


This tool analyzes reviews made from over 100 sites and allows users to see the rising customer experience trends. Even the trending keywords used in the reviews will also pop up. Hence, it’s easier to optimize the keyword and rank higher in search engines. Apart from reputation management, this tool also works for SEO purposes. Another advantage is that it allows the collaboration of teams. There can be unlimited users, and also allows use on the go.

Perhaps the only downside is that some users would like to respond to reviews within the program easily. This tool works by redirecting the users into the review sites where the original review came from. ReviewTrackers pride itself on helping users make projections, and it seems to be holding up.

Finding the right review monitoring tool could be challenging due to the options available. The good thing is that most of them offer a free trial version. Users can try the tool for a while before deciding if it’s worth buying. Once the platform works perfectly in monitoring reviews and other purposes, it should get installed immediately.

There are also other review monitoring services that companies can utilize to determine how people feel about the business. Regardless of the chosen tool, the goal is to be responsive. People want to know that businesses care. Responding to reviews is an excellent start. Doing something about the complaints raised, is the next step. There are emerging issues that might require immediate action. Delaying the response could hurt the business.

Sure, there are other aspects of running a business, and they need attention too. However, monitoring reviews should continue. They’re crucial to the success of the company’s effort to attract more customers. With the aid of monitoring specialists, it won’t be an issue.

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