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Top 10 Email List Cleaning Services (2020)

Email List Cleaning

The mailing list cleaning service keeps the contact database up to date. This saves managers time and allows you to accurately estimate the conversion. A quick email list cleaning is a must-have tool for every email marketing business. The review tells about the best email list cleaning service and the advantages of this method.

What is email cleaning?

By cleaning up e-mail using special services, irrelevant addresses are excluded from the contact database. This is the only answer to the question of how to clean email list quickly and accurately.

The system’s algorithms check each individual contact. The activity of the address and other factors are studied, allowing to make an accurate conclusion about its relevance for a particular company.

The result is an updated customer base, where each contact can become a potential client of the company.

5 reasons why you need to clean up your mailing list

Among the reasons why small and large businesses use mailing list cleaning are 5 factors. They are:

  • Dramatic decline in reported spam complaints.
  • Instant increase in clicks on the desired items of goods or services.
  • Improving the reputation of the company.
  • Maximum deliverability of sent emails.
  • The ability to adequately assess the response from the recipient.

These and other reasons greatly simplify the analysis of audience behavior. This allows you to use tools effectively to increase conversion.

5 things to increase your inbox frequency

Email verification services can help you verify that the recipients of company emails are actually configured to receive them. Otherwise, the marketing activity may be considered spam.

Increasing conversions will become easier once the company has got its hands on an up-to-date list of users. Correct content setup will increase sales and company loyalty.

It is recommended to expand the base of potential customers regularly. Successful brands work out the collected base and then form a new one.

An analysis of the mailing results will show which content impressed users the most. By studying various metrics, you can gain an understanding of the behavioral factors of your audience.

Automation of marketing processes in offline mode performs tasks that were previously done by managers. Now professionals can spend the saved hours on other functions.

Top 10 Email List Cleanup Service Providers

After careful analysis of over 40 different email list cleaning services, 10 main ones can be deduced. The list includes:

Proofy.io. It integrates with many platforms and has additional marketing tools, which makes the site universal. It features fast processing speed and better accuracy than the market average. One of the differences from the competition is effective hybrid validation. Due to the simplicity of the interface, even beginners can use the service. This is the best email cleaner in 2020 according to user reviews.

  • Classic search algorithm. To use it, you need to upload your contact list and click on bulk check. Suitable for all types of organizations.
  • A well-known service used by small and medium businesses. The system is capable of combating spam traps and detecting addresses that are used for other purposes.
  • The processing accuracy is about 96%. Checks can be supplemented with other functions (example: parsing the syntax of an email address).
  • They outperform many competitors with the speed of verification, the service is used by about 10,000 users.
  • They are certified and have been on the market for 7 years. The algorithms are 98% accurate.
  • It has standard verification tools with average accuracy. There is an option to identify spam traps and other factors indicating misuse of mail or fraudulent actions of the contact
  • Another classic representative of the cleaning service, which does a good job of its functions. The functionality is limited in comparison with the market leaders, but there are all the functions necessary for testing.

Snov.io. Popular service with 98% search algorithm accuracy. Provides detailed instructions on how to scrub an email list.

  • The company changed its qualifications, previously developing WordPress themes. Algorithm accuracy is close to the maximum level, reaching 98%.

Some other services are also worth considering, but this top list allows you to make the right and effective choice. All relevant companies were considered.

How to choose the best mailing list cleaning service provider

The ideal service should combine the speed of execution of tasks and their accuracy. Since the success of an advertising campaign depends on the relevance of the contact base, the choice should be considered carefully.

After analyzing the work of all the services from the top and user reviews, we can recommend starting with email check online with Proofy. This Email List Cleaning Service Provider is one of the best on the market. Before using paid content, it’s best to take advantage of the free trial services.

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