Tips on choosing a custom printing company

custom printing company

With the hype about digital marketing in the last few years, many people, including veteran marketers, are seemingly ignoring the importance of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing keeps your message long and easily memorable. But your marketing strategy is only effective if you have a perfect blend of the two. If you want to sell and challenge the competition, you must have some custom printouts in the form of posters, business cards, flags, and such. 

This article aims at outlining a few tips on the print company you need for your job. Remember, your marketing collateral will leave a lasting impression on the prospects, and you’ll pay o get it right. 

Visit their promises

Your print job is pretty important to you, and if you’re so keen on the custom print you want to see, you have to visit the printer yourself. You need to tour their facilities, see the equipment they have, ask questions of all kinds to ensure they’re the type you’d want to work with. The presentation of their premises and the quality of work they produce will tell you a lot. Talk to your account handler and see if they know how to communicate appropriately. 

Quality of their work

Make a list of the printers you’d want to approach for your job. Then they should give you samples of what they’ve done before; the custom dog poster and other printers. As you visit the printer, you should check out for samples of their work also. One of the worst mistakes that people make is to prefer a printing company based on their prices. Most of these sacrifice quality for the price. That’s a mistake you should never make; you’d rather pay higher for quality services than engage someone who does shoddy work cheaply. If the printout is poorly done, it will give the wrong image and send the wrong message about your brand. Often, low price means low quality and would mean they’ve used cheap ink and paper. To be on the safe side, use a printing company that is a bit more expensive but offers excellent quality and guarantees value for your money. 

Customer service level

How will your account be managed? You should trust the printer and the account handler, and they don’t just come automatically. They should show respect and honesty when handling you -their customer service should be beyond reproach with good management and communication skills. Look for a printer who can handle the project from print, collation, personalization, finishing, and fulfillment. It’s efficient and cost-effective if you have the same company handling every step of your project. You also ensure consistency and avoid confusion. 

How is the company’s reputation?

Checking at their review section on their website, you’ll see other customers’ feedback on the printer’s services. You may want to ignore comments by people who have dealt with the printer, and in as much as there could be a” witch-hunt by competitors,” some reviews are valid and could guide you to the best printer. Check out their experiences on reputable platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook. 

When choosing a custom printing company, don’t jump into them blindly, do some research and get a list from where you can select your best through elimination. Most importantly, get a printer who understands the entire marketing mix and who can give you value for money. 

Heather Breese
Heather Breese is a qualified writer who fell in love with creativity and became a specialist creator and writer, focused on readers and market need.

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