Tips for shopping headphones in Singapore

Tips for shopping headphones in Singapore 1

A large number of people in Singapore are wearing headphones while listening to music or talking on their mobile phones so that they can hear the sound clearly and are not disturbed by the noise from the surroundings. Another advantage of using headphones, is that other people in the area are not disturbed by the music or the sound of the other person speaking. Based on their budget and the application for which the headphones will be used, the headphone users can choose between a wide variety of headphones from different brands. Some of the cost and design factors which should be considered when a buyer will shop headphones in Singapore are discussed below.

Wired headphones

Though they may not be trendy and are also not very popular among travelers, a large number of people prefer wired headphones because they are very inexpensive. Typically the cheapest wired headphones in Singapore from a reputed brand like Philips are costing $23.25 which is less than half the price of the cheapest wireless headphones. Hence these headphones are recommended for those who have limited budgets like students or young people. They are also widely used by gamers who are usually seated in front of their computer while playing games, with Razer the most popular brand for wired gaming headsets.

Since there is no distortion of the sound signal, which is directly connected to the sound source using a cable, the quality of the audio is better for a wired headphone. Wireless headphone users will often find that the audio quality will be adversely affected, if there are many other people using a Bluetooth connection in the same area due to disturbance or interference of the wireless signal. Another advantage of the wired headphone is that the user does not have to worry about the battery in the headphone getting drained since a wired connection is used. The wired headphone is also more durable since it has less parts.

Wireless headphones

Since the cables in the wired headphones are likely to get tangled, damaged or cut when used outdoors, many people are using wireless headphones. Specifically these headphones are extremely popular among those who travel by air, being the top selling headphones at airport stores. Since they contain more electronics, especially the Bluetooth hardware, software, battery for power supply, the cost of the wired headphones is much higher than the wired headphones. Though the cheapest wireless headphone will cost more than twice the wired headphones , many people are willing to pay the higher price since they are convenient to use.

The technology used in Wireless headphones is always being upgraded to improve the sound quality, Bluetooth, and battery life. Though Sony wireless headphones WH1000XM4 cost $439, they are popular among headphone buyers due to the excellent audio quality. Nakamichi wireless headphones are using Bluetooth 4, yet many prefer to purchase them since they are very inexpensive, costing $99 for two headphones. Aftershokz headphones using bone conduction technology are also becoming popular among headphone users, since they are more affordable than most other wireless headphone brands, compact and light in weight.

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