Three Things You Need for WFH and Online Classes

WFH and Online Classes
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The “new” normal is interesting. Like every change there is, it is quite an inconvenience. People are forced to stray from their normal routine and adopt a new way of living. This lifestyle is mostly dictated by social distancing and staying home. Because of this, schools have moved to online classes, and jobs have become home based, and this paradigm shift might have a different set of requirements:

Up-to-date laptop

Since most of the work will be done online, having a functional computer is essential in keeping up with all your tasks. Imagine having a full day of work and academics while using a computer that lags every three minutes. Worse, when you open a new app needed for resources, calls, and exams, you’ll have to wait for extra minutes for the program to boot.

It’s a lot of time wasted, so the best laptop with adequate RAM, a competitive processor, and enough storage is best for this “new” normal. These days, looking for a laptop with an SSD can boost the speed and efficiency of your device.

If you want to be extra, you can choose a gaming laptop for a fail-safe device. It guarantees excellent performance even for the heaviest programs, especially when you’re in the creative field.

Daily planner

When you stay home all day, it’s easy to meld personal and work like to the point where you’re unable to tell where one ends and the other begins. The best way to remedy this is by maintaining a routine.

A daily planner helps with keeping track of the day’s plans and setting a routine. Every day, you can jot down what you need to do for the day and then plot a schedule. There are different ways to do this:

  • A checklist. This can give a sense of accomplishment and motivation every time you cross out a task.
  • You can arrange a hierarchy of important tasks and less important tasks.
  • Get creative. Bust out the washi tapes, the stickers, and the colored pens. For example, you can have one box per hour of the day. Then, set a color for every task and shade the corresponding boxes for the schedule.

Studies find that “a written plan of action increases productivity.” Therefore, carrying a handy notebook or a pre-formatted planner can help get things done throughout the day.

Focus assist

At home, there are so many distractions. What’s more tempting is that you won’t have a superior who would keep an eye on you all the time. You’re basically free to do anything you want, and self-discipline is the only thing hindering you from reaching your phone or opening a new tab.

Luckily, technological innovation has invented apps that aid in keeping your focus. These apps block notifications and certain websites. It sounds intense, but these apps are customizable. You can set your desired time of concentration as well as the websites you would want to be blocked. Some apps also include features like to-do lists, schedules, music, etc.

It’s only necessary to adapt to the ever-changing times as the world goes through a pandemic. As institutions follow online classes and work-from-home, it’s best to have these three things handy.

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