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Signing up for a toll-free number to host your business communication is definitely an excellent way to boost your reach. It gives you customers the ease to interact and engage with your business without worrying about the cost associated with it. However, not all business with a toll-free number gauges the benefit of it, in fact, some fail to even justify its cause

So, in order to get started with a VoIP phone system, it is important to know all about these numbers and pick the right provider for the same.

In case you aren’t sure how to select the right plan, here are few things to consider before buying an 1800 toll-free number.

Check the number prefix

While there are multiple choices when it comes to a toll-free number, it is 1800 that is popular and the most widely used. The 1800 prefix numbers are considered to be professional and linked with the top organizations and corporate companies.

So, before you set out to finalize your toll-free number purchase, make sure you have checked the type being provided by the service provider. Finding an 1800 toll-free number isn’t easy and often, requires you to switch between providers before engaging with the ideal one. Wondering why only 1800? Because they add much-needed professionalism to the brand, promoting its value.

Scaling Traffic

What is your primary reason behind purchasing a toll-free number? Is it just to add a brand image or is there something more to it? A majority of the leaders and the organizational managers reckon virtual numbers to increase their call traffic.

How so?

For the uninitiated, toll-free numbers work in the reverse order. By reverse, we mean to say that the cost of calling doesn’t charge against the caller but the receiver. Suppose that you have a customer X who used the toll-free number to communicate with your team. Now after the call, the total expenses would be payable by you.

Put simply, it is the business that is liable to pay the call charges. This way more and more customers can connect without having to worry about the expenses or the call rates, increasing call traffic.

Adhoc or Contract Based

Most of the service providers will tell you to enter into contracts or offer one-year-long engagement as part of the subscription plan. Only when you are extremely convinced about the quality and the efficiency of the service provider, should you agree for the contract.

Once you signup for the agreement you will never be able to retract or end the engagement before the period ends. When you are starting new, it is always advised to look for providers that have no such obligation or terms of the agreement. CallHippo is one such organization that offers contract-free toll-free numbers at affordable rates.

Operators Using The Service

Toll-free numbers have this excellent benefit of being routed to different members of the team. Whether you wish to direct it to a single operator or multiple agents based on a number of factors. 1800 numbers are such that you can predefine where and when do you wish to direct a number.

Similarly, these come with automated response facility where the software, based on the response fed by the user, directs the call to the right agent. So, before you buy one, you must be pretty sure about how many operators would be legible to accept the call. You can have multiple agents addressing the call or ring only at one desk, either way, it’s your decision and so you must be ready with the needs.

Service Providers Value

In the end, no matter what your business requirements are, you must always check for the reliability and efficiency of the providers. The fact that there are many actively offering a range of services and each claiming to be the best, finding the appropriate provider is important.

What you can do is assess the experience and expertise held by the providers. Check from their existing clients and see what all they have been offering. It is a common belief that the higher the experience, the greater would be the accuracy of the services. However, never assess only on the industry experience and always consider multiple factors before finalizing a deal.


A virtual phone system is not an option for you to choose but a necessity to stand by. Having said that, one must exercise immense caution before subscribing to a business phone service. It is important to have your conceptions clear and all other requirements planned in advance to avoid any confusion post the implementation phase.

Once you have done the above, you can then move ahead with the purchase of a toll-free business phone number and deploy the same as the primary form of business communication.

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