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These moving hacks will make your life easier


Nothing is more exciting than the prospect of starting anew and fresh in a splendid new home. The excitement of moving to a new home, neighborhood, or city is refreshing. However, the exhaustion of packing and hauling all your belongings can often dim the excitement.

How can you streamline all the chores leading up to the move to make your life easier and less stressful? It all boils down to embracing a strategy that reduces your effort and time and allows efficiency to prevail. You don’t have to spend hours laboring around, lugging heavy fixtures, and packing everything in sight.

We’ve put together a list of hacks that will make the process simpler and more efficient.

Here, take a look:

A Detailed Checklist

It’s wise to get started with a comprehensive moving checklist that includes all the chores and responsibilities you must perform. This checklist should consist of all duties, such as transferring utilities, hiring movers, buying packing supplies, and packing all belongings. You can make several print-outs and distribute the list across all family members and volunteers.

The checklist will serve as a blueprint to keep your efforts focused and delegate responsibilities across all family members. More importantly, the checklist will help you prevent haphazard planning and avoid last-minute stress.

Purge the Clutter

Adopting a generous approach towards discarding unwanted items and purging the clutter is crucial. After all, you don’t want to end up dumping discarded and unwanted belongings in your new living space.

We advise you to start purging the clutter before you initiate the packing and moving process. For instance, let’s assume you’re in Augusta, near the South Carolina border, and are familiar with its notoriously hot and muggy summers, which can wreak havoc on your belongings.

You don’t want to end up with decayed furniture and eroded art pieces. Instead, you can search the web for climate-controlled storage units Augusta GA, and find plenty of affordable options. The facility will assist you in safely store artwork, record collections, appliances, and unwanted furniture.

You can also hold a yard sale after a thorough closet and home purge. Think about all the funds you can raise by selling off items you no longer need around the house. Donating boxes of unwanted clothing, toys, dinnerware, and bedding to charity organizations is also a great initiative. The goal is to avoid lugging clutter with you, only to overcrowd your new home with items you don’t need.

Finding the Right Movers

Transportation and moving costs often get out of hand, usually due to a lack of planning and research. We advise you to search extensively and get quotes from at least three different companies. At times, moving companies are willing to accommodate lower rates to make clients and get business.

It’s essential to look for the best price and sit down for interviews to ensure the professionals understand your requirements. Be sure to verify their credentials and licensure and check if they carry insurance to safeguard your belongings. Suppose you’re adamant about taking the DIY route. In that case, be sure to compare the prices of hiring movers and a portable moving container.

Scavenger Hunt for Free Packing Supplies

Why spend hundreds of dollars on packing supplies when you can plan a scavenger hunt for free boxes? You can save your hard-earned money by taking the trouble of finding free supplies you can use for packing your belongings.

First, check with all your family members and friends, and hoard all the supplies you can find. Then, make requests to all the local retailers and grocery stores to share their free boxes and supplies with you. Between your family, friends, and local shop owners, you will find ample supplies to hoard up all your belongings safely. Be sure to find empty boxes of used appliances and items around the house as well.

An Efficient Packing Strategy

Packing and unpacking are the two most exhausting and time-consuming tasks in the entire process. We advise you to embrace an efficient strategy that doesn’t involve exhausting labor. The trick is to start as early as possible when your move is finalized and the clock starts ticking. Don’t wait around until the last ten days or week; instead, get an early start.

Start by packing away all non-essentials, decoratives, and home décor items, leaving essentials for the end. You don’t have to haul everything in cartons. For instance, drawer and cabinet items can stay in the cabinets. Just be sure to secure them properly with bubble wrap and duct tape to prevent them from spilling out.

Be sure to wrap delicate and breakable items in heavy socks and padded clothing to prevent breakage. You can also use large pans and sealable containers to stock up your pantry items and fragile crockery.


When it comes to planning an effortless move, an early start will give you a great advantage. The earlier you start, the more organized and stress-free you will feel on moving day. It’s essential to avoid the exhaustion of moving, as you will have to embrace this stress while settling in your new home.

Remember, packing and moving out is just one phase of the process. You have to prepare your mind and body for the exhaustion to come when you arrive at your new home.

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