These are the most popular programming languages according to market share

programming languages according to market

In the past years, software development and the useful tools they enable us with have become an integral part of our lives in almost every way. The result of the rapid advancement of these technologies for end users has been great in terms of improved data management and processing but for programmers has resulted in an abundance in choice of languages from which to choose from. We have reached a point where we are surrounded by so many programming languages and it thus seems apt, for both beginners and those wishing to learn a second, third or fourth, to wonder which is the most popular. You can learn about the programming technologies and frameworks, on this website:

Although it might be difficult to predict what the future holds for the tech industry and the programming languages that give life to it, in this article we break down some of the top programming languages according to market share, we also take a look at what might be the reason for its popularity and a few drawbacks each might have. And for those of you looking to brush up on your skills or even those who are new to the industry and looking to get started, we provide a great list of JavaScript projects to help you along your programming journey.

The world of programming is vast and not all programming languages are alike, different companies,  the roles within them and software itself require knowing and understanding various programming languages, therefore the added benefit if you already possess fluency in multiple languages. Finally, with the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 22% growth rate in job outlook between 2019 and 2029 it’s no wonder so many are trying to break into the industry.

But without any further ado, let’s get started.

So which are the most popular programming languages?


For building interactive websites Javascript Certification stands out as number one. With recent advances in its technologies like Node.js developers are able to produce content on the server side before a page is sent out to the browser. This not only helps to build games but also web based applications that function directly in the browser, eliminating the need to download an application. Its reach even extends to mobile application development. 

On the downside however, JavaScript is also used to code pop-ups which may contain malicious software and for this reason internet browsers may choose to disable JavaScript. 


Python is widely used throughout the software development industry and given popularity because it is often regarded as one of the more simpler languages to learn given its extensive library of standards and toolkits to choose from as well as its simplified syntax. Like JavaScript it can be used on the server side to create web applications but can also integrate with many other popular programming languages. With the start up revolution on the rise, Python has proven to be very popular within this setting and therefore also in very high demand.

Among the drawbacks are speed and mobile applications, python is not as fast as C or C++ and also considered a weak language for mobile computing but is often used for artificial intelligence and financial software.


Although not the most elegant or fastest, Structured Query Language is considered to be among the best ways to communicate with databases. Today it is considered the standard means of manipulating and querying data in relational databases. Its an excellent language that works by understanding and analyzing databases that have data fields within their tables

As someone that works daily with SQL I can say that one of the main disadvantages arises in runtime performance, one would have to analyze whether or not its ease and accessibility outways it.


Famous for its “Write once, run anywhere” slogan, Java gains popularity for exactly this.Java is designed to be a loosely coupled language meaning that a program coded in Java can run on any platform that supports Java. It is most often used by large businesses around the world in the development of client server applications.

Java has proven to be inadequate for the development of applications that run on the cloud, a rather obvious set back in its future application given the rapid scaling of cloud computing in the last few years.

Although brief the analysis, one thing is clear, the popularity of any given language is greatly influenced by the type of software being developed and the end user as well as the industry is what finally decides which language is best to use. But for now these four seem to be at the top of our list. 

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