The Right Runway Sweepers Save More than Time and Money

Runway Sweepers

The chances are good that we have all been to an airport or seen an airfield at some point in our lives. We have all watched as those giant birds come soaring down from the sky to gracefully kiss the runway surface as these big birds squawk and screech to a halt. Have you ever noticed though, how clean and free of debris these runways are and how there never seems to be any trash or obstructions lying on the tarmac? We can thank a good runway sweeper for that.

The Value of Runway Sweepers

The aesthetics of keeping airfields and airport runways and tarmacs clean are only an added benefit but not one of the main reasons why we use them. The vacuum and suction created by these massive jet engines can and will pull any loose debris eventually causing wear, strain, and damage to these aircraft. From fodded engines to causing issues with landing gear, FOD (Foreign Object Debris) is an ongoing concern and it must be addressed diligently. That is why the FOD Boss receives endorsements from military personnel to those responsible for keeping airport runways clear, clean, and safe.

The Need for Effective Runway Sweepers

It is true that a clean racetrack looks better. It is true that passengers, pilots, and aircrew feel more comfortable and expect to see a debris-free runway or tarmac. It is also true that keeping these surfaces clean and free of debris benefits the image of racetracks, airports and other facilities like these. None of these reasons, however, define the greatest need for an effective runway sweeper.

From the teams supporting those in the air to the crew in the air responsible for getting these planes to and from their arrivals and destinations, there is no greater need than that of safety. That means the safety of those flying, those on board and those below. That safety starts at ground zero, beginning with keeping runways and tarmacs clear of FOD. A runway sweeper can and will save us considerable expenses in repairs and upkeep but most importantly, it can and does save lives.

Saving Money, Aircraft and Lives

We can’t necessarily quantify numbers like these but we can use common sense, experience and all the knowledge we have to safely come to the conclusion that effective runway sweepers are more than a convenience, they are an absolute need. Perhaps that is why the FOD Boss is the only FOD sweeper that meets FAA standards regarding prevention, control, and removal of FOD.

With an effective runway sweeper, we will save time and money not only cleaning runways but adding years to the lives of aircraft. Keeping those aircraft safer also means keeping us safe on the ground and in the air. With the right sweeper, we save money, aircraft and most importantly the lives who trust the wings that fly the friendly skies.

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