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The perfect steps to properly maintain the window-sills!

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Everyone knows window-sills attract a lot of dust! Well, it’s a favourite place of all the bugs and insects to relax and even the dirt and grime likes to stick in here. And don’t forget the birds and their poops! This keeps on growing and soon becomes an eyesore if you aren’t cleaning them regularly and thoroughly. Thus comes the need to properly maintain your window-sills at all costs.

Ø The right steps to clean window-sills properly!

We all desire a clean, spic and span window to enhance the beauty of our home. But this is better said than done. Because just window panes and glass aren’t all that needs to be cleaned, you should also pay close attention to the sills and tracks of it. And the task of cleaning these is super complex and needs to be done perfectly and in detail in order to avoid the untidy sight. And it is best to trust professionals with the job — just call Acorn Window Cleaning for residential window cleaning services, to make your windows spotless and tidy with deep cleaning. They have experts for this task who have great experience in this job. And if you want to try the same on your own, just follow the steps below:

o Get the gears — You’ll require some important things to clean your window-sills properly. Gather a bucket with warm water, a good cleaning detergent, vinegar, vacuum with brush attachment, spray bottle filled with plain water and a microfibre cloth or mop.

o Start with the vacuum brush cleaning — Your window-sills need to be free of dirt and dust first and foremost. It’s the first crucial step to eradicate all the dirt, dust and dead bugs and insects from this area. Once all the dry dirt is out, you can start with the next step.

o Get rid of tough dirt and grime with vinegar and detergent — Now it’s the time to get rid of all the tough dirt and grime that’s stuck on your windowsills. Just make a squirt of detergent water with vinegar and scrub off the dirt from all the corners.

o Now wipe the sill with the microfibre cloth — When everything is scrubbed and the dirt is down the drain, you can wipe the leftover area with a dry microfibre mop. For the hidden dirt in the fine corners that isn’t accessible with the cloth, you can use a cotton swab to wipe. Spray some clean water from the spray bottle on the area, then wipe dry with the mop again.

That’s the ideal way to clean your window-sills by yourself. But this doesn’t mean that your job is done. This place is prone to get dirty and dusty again within a few days and spoil the aesthetic appeal of your home. In order to save this pain later, keep dusting the area frequently and clean the mess the instant you find any dirt. Keeping your sills maintained prevents the dirt from getting accumulated here and becomes a home for bugs and insects later. Thus, your windowsills will remain maintained forever and the chances of infection through these also stay minimum.

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