The many features of Spotify which you did not know about

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Spotify is one of the most-used apps for music streaming in the world. Having the best variety of songs from all over the world, nothing gets better than Spotify. When it comes to being an artist on Spotify there are certain things you have to look into. These may include, having several followers and listeners on your Spotify account and plays on your songs. These are the activities that lead to growth in the artist’s Spotify channel.

Considering how there are so many artists with thousands of daily listeners, the process may be difficult at first which is why you now have the option to buy Spotify followers which can increase your numbers instantly.

Key factors about Spotify that you may not know about

  • One of the key factors that go unnoticed on Spotify is the followers that an artist has. Often you must’ve seen the number of listeners that the artist has which are so high. But what we don’t notice at first is how many followers are there. The artist must have followers because once a user follows an artist on Spotify, that user will then get all the updates every time the specific artist puts out a new song or a new concert listing. With this increase in followers, it is noticed that artists get featured in editorial playlists on Spotify this way. This is what helps in their insights.
  • Another issue that we look into is Spotify Saves. Every time a user saves a particular track by the artist, it benefits the artist in a big way since there is a massive gain in engagement. This way is also another way for the artist to have a higher chance of being featured in an editorial playlist. One of the main reasons why artists aim at being featured on these editorial playlists is because these playlists have thousands of likes on them. This helps the artist to be discovered by newer people from different countries.
  • Now one thing that no Spotify user likes is advertisements. Right in the middle of your playlist, an advertisement pops up and ruins the entire mood. However, this is a very good plan for artists who can promote their tracks via Spotify advertisements. Often despite sharing your song tirelessly on social media, you may not get enough listeners or play on your song, which is why using the most out of Spotify ads can help your song grow. Every time an ad comes up while a user is listening to music, they will hear a snippet of your track and if they like it they may even go to your Spotify account and listen to the entire song.
  • With so many new features available on Spotify now, Using websites like SpotifyStorm can help you get more followers and plays on your song. For artists to track down the activities of their song they can now use the “Spotify for Artists” app which can give them in-depth insights about their songs.

There are a lot of things that we may not have known about Spotify as an artist, until now. Now you have better ways to promote your music in the best way possible and grow more and more day after day.

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