The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is optimizing your website and content to rank better on Google. Your page will show on the first pages of search engines organically, and this can increase the visitors and visibility of your site to get more traffic.

SEO has two primary goals. The first is to help webmasters and business owners understand what the visitors are searching for to create high-quality content accordingly to satisfy the users. The other is to create a website that is visible to the search engine spiders or crawlers so they can index and understand better what you’re offering.

Aside from these two, there are a lot of good practices in SEO that you should follow. Your website should load its pages in under a second, the buttons should be user-friendly, the fonts and colors should be easy on the eyes, and a lot more.

When you follow the rules of SEO, you can expect to have a website that will give you more visitors and something that others find easy to navigate. Know that when you’re just starting, you may get overwhelmed with many things that you need to do. This is why you should consider to hire an Oakland SEO company for help and if you need a guide with the things that you don’t know about. Here are other reasons why you should consider SEO.

Why is Optimization Important?


Nowadays, the market can be described as pretty competitive. Many other business owners in Oakland are already setting up their products on the internet and building a customer base by sending newsletters and discounts.

Most of the consumers look on the internet to purchase something, and they rely on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and others to get information. If you have a blog or a website, search engine optimization will be able to help you get the targeted audience that you need online. This is a huge step in your business because:

-Almost 70% of the users today click on the top five suggestions of the results page of Google to view the information they need. You need to take advantage of this and gain more customers by being one of the top five yourself.

-SEO is not only about becoming visible, but the good practices that you’re maintaining on your website will improve its usability features and overall user experience. Learn more about the best practices on this page here.

-You want the top spot because many of them indicate the higher levels of trust rating that Google gives them. Users know that they are looking at the correct information because the search engines will only show the relevant information from their keywords at the top.

-SEO is an excellent social promotion of your website. Many people who are searching on Bing or Google can promote this on their own social media channels like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

-The features of search engine optimization can play an important role when you’re running a big website. You can benefit from the good practices directly or indirectly. The direct benefit is gaining a lot of organic traffic from users worldwide, while the indirect way is to follow a common framework that follows the other approved formats before you publish an article or content on the site.

-You can be ahead of the competition when you’re using the techniques in search engine optimization. If your competitors are selling the same products or services, you can gain more customers and make more revenues when you’re into SEO.

Primary Stages to Know About


Technical Side

The first step involves technical SEO, and as the name implies, this has nothing to do with the content or even the promotion methods that many do. More about SEO on this page here:

These are more on the side of the settings, configurations, add-ons, and loading speed, making it easier for the crawlers to track it. Generally, once you get this site correctly, you will not have to deal with this again. On the other hand, if there are issues regarding indexing and crawling, know that this will negatively affect your website.

About the On-Site Process

The second step that webmasters need to know about is on-page SEO. This has everything to do with the elements and content of a page. Unlike the technical side, the primary focus of the on-page technique is to provide more than enough signals so that the crawlers will understand the context and meaning of your text.

It’s best to remember that search engines don’t necessarily read texts as humans do. They might not be able to identify between a bear that’s an animal or the term bear, which means to endure. They will be looking for other words on the website to know more about your page.

This has everything to do with the title optimizations, overall structure of the page, keywords, internal links, headings, structured data mark-up, images, and others. It will send the proper signal to the spiders. If this is followed correctly, you can dramatically improve the credibility and usability of your blog in no time.



The third step is to improve off-site SEO. Aside from the changes that you can make on the actual website, like font colors, pictures, and more, you can get a higher rank on the search engine results page or SERPs through various off-site techniques.

This is when a user generally types a specific query while the algorithm looks into the index and tries to satisfy the users’ intent. The pages are good candidates when it comes to appearing in the search results. One of the factors that will determine a site’s position is the number of incoming links to that specific website.

Many people are trying to get backlinks since these are a signal of trust depending on where they are coming from. They can have a significant effect on your ranking position. If these links are coming from a trusted source, the rankings can be positively affected. Getting links may mean that you may have to create high-quality content for your site.

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