The different types of mold that grow in homes

types of mold
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Mold refers to the micro-organisms that grow in particular conditions. Most homes are infested by mold even though the owners are not aware of this. Mold spores can quickly multiply in dark and damp surroundings. It not only builds up in homes but also in cars and offices. Everyone should be on the lookout for mold since it can affect people’s health.

Certain Mold inspection Texas companies help homeowners test for different types of mold in their homes and get rid of it. Doing this can prevent you from respiratory conditions such as asthma. If you want to address the mold problem in your home, you should first try to determine the specific type you are dealing with. Mold comes in different forms, and every type has unique characteristics. The growth patterns of mold also differ from one type to the other. Check out some of the types of mold that grow in homes.


This is a toxic type of mold that changes in appearance over an extended duration. It first begins as a small moist mold then changes into a powdery substance. This type of mold often comes in different colors, such as white, grey, orange, or pink. It tends to build up in different household systems and other areas such as window sealants, cooling coils, and drain pans.

Though some mold types are not harmful, you should not ignore Acremonium mold since it has dangerous effects on humans. For instance, being exposed to high amounts of this mold can affect some of your body organs and weaken the immune system. Some people even get bone marrow disease from being exposed to Acremonium mold. This mold is dangerous since it can also negatively affect brain function. This type of mold does not grow alone. It likes growing alongside other forms of mold, such as Stachybotrys.


You should also check your bathtub or sink from time to time since these are damp areas where Alternaria mold tends to grow. It is an allergenic mold that can cause asthma attacks in some people. This type of mold has a velvety texture and features brown and dark green hairs. It mostly occurs due to water damage in a building. If you have any leaking sinks around your home, you should repair them to discourage the growth of this type of mold.

Exposure to Alternaria mold can affect the respiratory tract, including the mouth and nose. This is one of the mold forms that can spread within hours. You should immediately get rid of it as soon as you spot it growing in a particular area around your home.


Have you noticed flask-shaped mold spores on the walls of your home? If yes, your home is infested with Aspergillus mold. Since there are different species of this mold, it can appear in all kinds of colors. It is also an example of an allergenic mold that sometimes can get toxic based on the specific environment it lands on. This type of mold likes growing in starchy food, house plants, and leaky roofs.

The lack of eliminating this type of mold can cause serious respiratory problems. It is a dangerous type of mold that can produce a deadly carcinogen known as aflatoxin. This type of mold can be present both indoors and outdoors. When it invades a home, it may cause the dwellers to experience a congested nose, irritated throat, or even shortness of breath.


If your home has water damage issues, you need to fix them immediately since they can encourage Chaetomium mold growth. This form of mold has a cotton-like texture and keeps on changing color. It may appear in white or grey at first then change to brown or black.

The sink and the basement are common areas where you can easily find this type of mold. You can also recognize this form of mold by the musty odor it produces. It is also dangerous since it produces mycotoxins that affect the immune system. For instance, exposure to this type of mold can lead to nail and skin infection in some people. Others get allergic sinuses and hay fever from being exposed to this form of mold.

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