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Searching for the perfect vintage TV stand is challenging. Especially if you really want to find a unique and original one. Scaramanga are specialists in searching for and restoring stylish vintage furniture. So whether you live in a modern, eclectic or traditionally styled home you’ll find our recommendations useful. Continue to read about: the best size, style and we show our current stock of vintage TV stands.

Modern day uses for old pieces of furniture. Remembering that it’s very unlikely that you’ll find a vintage TV stand for a LCD / plasma TV that was built to be used for a TV. Until 20 years ago TV were so deep they really were boxes. So TV stand were really cabinets with spaces for a heavy TV. Vintage stands were really cumbersome and often took up so much space that they were usually in the corner of a living room or lounge. Today TVs are lighter, bigger and slimmer.

Vintage TV Stand Dimensions:

You probably want a TV stand that’s at least the same width as your TV. Any narrower and it could get knocked off, you may not have enough storage space and it may not look as if it’s in proportion. The height should be between 50cm and 75cm from the ground (to avoid straining your neck) and the depth (distance from front to back) should be between 30cm and 50cm.

We spend a lot of time searching for the best vintage and antique furniture. We don’t just buy any old piece. We look for unique functional furniture that has character, patina and a story to tell. We look for furniture that can be used for purposes that are completely different to their original or current use. Everyone (almost everyone has a LCD or plasma TV so we look for furniture that can be used as a vintage TV stand. People want to know as much as they can about old furniture; where is it from? Who used it? What it was used for? And how old it is? Are some of the many questions we are asked about our furniture.

We try to preserve as much of the character as we can, which means we don’t chemically strip the desks or workbenches, because this would remove the years of built up colour, wear and use. We simply ensure their joints are structurally strong, then simply wash them with a mild detergent then wax the wood to nourish and bring back some of the natural colour. We aim to simply make our vintage furniture useable for another generation. We want furniture to look as if it has been used for many years in a shop or workshop.

Vintage TV Stand Styling:

So if you’re looking to style a livingroom with authentic antique and vintage livingroom furniture and don’t want a new vintage style stand then the best idea is to look for piece of vintage furniture that has a has drawers and / or cupboard doors for DVDs, cables and remotes.

You might consider an industrial style vintage TV stand – one that might have been used in an office, school classroom, factory or shop. It’s likely to have a mix of metal and wood and it might look strong with bolts and obvious reinforced joints. If it’s old it might also show signs of wear and tear. Furniture made before and just after the war were incredibly well made and built to last for many years.

A country-style TV stand is likely to be symmetrical with simple drawers and cupboards. It might be painted a classic off white or pastel colour. Or a natural soft wood like pine or a stronger hardwood like oak.

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