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The Best Foods to Eat This Winter

Best Foods to Eat This Winter

It’s the middle of winter, and you open up the fridge to see what to make for dinner. You’ve got an entire rack of condiments, a couple of eggs, and the remainders of a Halloween cake from last month. Many people lack the motivation to seek out healthy foods to cook in winter because of the chilly, dark weather. It’s often easier to order in when it’s gloomy and cold. Not to mention, it’s much more challenging to find locally-grown fruits and vegetables this time of year.

However, eating healthy food is essential right now. You’re more susceptible to viruses, and your energy levels are generally lower during the winter months. To make up for the lack of physical activity and natural light intake, you must maintain good health this season with nourishing and delicious foods.

While it’s tempting to forgo cooking every night for a quick and easy pizza delivery, you’ll feel so much better if you pay attention to what you’re eating by making homemade meals a few nights a week. Here are some items to include in your list.


There’s nothing better than a hot bowl of your favourite soup to warm you up on a chilly winter afternoon. The trick is to avoid ingredients such as salt, cream, and red meat because such items can increase your cholesterol and blood pressure. Instead, look for recipes that have a vegetable or chicken broth base. Soups are generally simple to make — it just takes a little bit of time to chop up the vegetables and watch over the soup as it cooks. The great thing about it is that you’ll have leftovers for days.

Fruits and Vegetables with High Vitamin C

Foods such as red peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, and citrus fruit are excellent produce to eat in the winter because they’re high in vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a vital role in immune system health. It keeps energy levels high, so it’s essential to get as much of it as you can during the winter. The issue is that it’s not easy to find locally-grown fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C during the winter. 

Have you ever considered installing a greenhouse in your backyard? With a covered garden in your backyard, you can grow delicious and nutritious foods all year round — including those that contain vitamin C! Find a trusted, local manufacturer with the right greenhouse kits to set up on your property. Even if you’ve never had a garden before, you’ll quickly get the hang of things, and you’ll have vegetables, fruits, and greenhouse plants galore in no time.

Increase Your Iron

You want foods that will support your immune system in the winter to keep you feeling strong and energized. Foods that contain high doses of iron do precisely that. Look for leafy greens, lentils, red meat (in smaller portions), and seafood. Many people — for example, vegetarians or people with anemia — take an iron supplement every day to ensure they’re getting enough of the essential mineral.

You don’t have to live with a bare-bones fridge this winter. Use this list of foods as a guideline and consider growing your own garden in a greenhouse. You’ll feel energized and healthy with homegrown produce and vitamin-rich meals.

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