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The Benefits Of Dark Wood Flooring

Dark Wood Flooring

The majority of us prefer lighter floors and it’s understandable. They create a light, calm and relaxing premise, it’s no surprise that they are the most popular flooring types, with darker flooring often being pushed aside. However, what if we told you that dark wood flooring has its own unique benefits that you might not even have thought of? It’s no secret that solid and engineered wood flooring is popular due to its natural beauty, so let’s see why a dark wood flooring can be as good if not better than those honey hues…


Although you may not expect it, dark wood flooring actually has much better maintenance properties than a lighter wood. Something that is stress-free and easy to sort out is on most of our minds when looking at getting a new flooring choice. The reason a dark wood is much easier to keep clean is simple, the dark hides stains and dirt much better. This therefore means that not only does it look cleaner for longer, but has a much longer life span due to this. Wood flooring is already likely to last a lifetime, so you can only imagine how long a dark wood flooring is going to last on top of this!

Proportion to larger spaces

If you know anything about flooring, then you will be aware that different colours can make things look either bigger or smaller, and the same goes for flooring! It might sound like a good problem to have, but sometimes a space looks too big, so changing up the flooring by making it darker can actually make it look and feel more intimate. This can be a great strategy for rooms you’d like to feel more cozy, and to help disguise how big they really are.

More Colour Resistant

This is a really big deal when it comes to a darker wood. The last thing you want is to feel like your wood flooring is going to fade a few years after you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on it! If you come from a busy family household, you simply do not have the time to be worrying about whether your flooring is going to fade! And you have probably guessed it, a darker wood flooring is much less likely to fade than a lighter one. This means you should have no concerns about laying it in rooms that see lots of natural light coming through – it will last for many years looking as good as the day you bought it!

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