The Benefits Of Chossing Conflict Free Diamonds For Engagenent And Wedding Rings

The Benefits Of Chossing Conflict Free Diamonds For Engagenent And Wedding Rings 1

You’ve found the love of your life. This is the one you’re absolutely sure you want to spend the rest of your days with. Now the fun of choosing diamond engagement and wedding rings begins. Your relationship is built on high standards like ethics, honesty, deep love and compassion. What if we told you that you can also choose diamond engagement and wedding rings that express sentiments like ethical sourcing using sustainable methods in a conflict free way?

These are specially chosen diamonds that adhere to ethics like improving livelihoods, protecting the environment, empowering the communities they came from and preventing human rights abuses and violations. These are diamonds that reflect your own ethical beliefs and express them in a beautiful, astounding and sparkly way. Diamonds that come from places like Brilliant Earth and other companies that adhere to conflict free diamond standards are good choices when you wish to express your love for one another and your joint commitment to a better world.

One Process for Establishing Diamonds as Conflict Free

In 2003, a process was put into effect by the United Nations General Assembly called the Kimberley Process. This was a way to define which diamonds fit into the category of conflict free diamonds. The main premise that these diamonds were judged upon is that they’re from places that don’t use the diamond trade to financially back any civil wars. This means that no rebel forces are financed by the diamond trade while trying to overthrow an established government.

Companies like Brilliant Earth Jewelry among other diamond retail companies try to adhere to principles that take the definitions of conflict free diamonds to other levels. They try to go beyond simply adhering to the Kimberley Process. They’ve chosen to also ensure that diamonds offered help support developing communities, are made under fair labor conditions, and that diamonds are only sourced from places that are free from human rights abuses.

What Does This Mean for Diamond Jewelry?

What choosing to buy conflict free diamonds really ensures is that no one was forced into labor, that no child labor was used, nobody was grossly mistreated, and that no one underwent human rights violations in the creation of your gorgeous, sparkly engagement ring or wedding band. Many couples today truly embrace these concepts to express their desire for a better world.

When diamonds are sourced in an eco-friendly way, it’s helping to preserve the environment for future generations. Many diamonds purchased from companies that follow these principles can be traced back to their origin. People who live in places these diamonds come from often receive fair wages for their work and are shown that they’re valued by being able to work under safe conditions. The belief is that exceptional jewelry can originate from places where human beings are treated well and valued for their talents and contributions.

Becoming Informed

When you buy your gorgeous diamond engagement ring or wedding band, it’s good to know exactly where your diamonds came from. It’s also good to know that they were obtained in an environmentally friendly way. A bit of research before you take that leap into buying your rings can make you feel great knowing that you’re making a good choice.

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