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Thai is the official language used in Thailand. Thailand’s population is over 69 million, making it the largest South East Asia country. This nation is a hub for international business and contributes significantly to the global economy.

All About Thai Translation and Transcription

If you want your business to access this vibrant economy, you need to convert your content to Thai. That will require hiring professional Thai transcription and translation services.

Thai transcription entails listening to a Thai audio recording and creating a written equivalent of the speech within the file. Meanwhile, converting Thai documents into English or vice versa is called Thai translation.

The Undeniable Benefits

Technology is changing the way we conduct business every day. Thanks to the internet, the world is a lot smaller than it was a few decades ago. Let’s examine how your company will gain from Thai translation and transcription.

Increased Access to Your Content

You can use your transcribed content to enhance your presence on different web platforms. You can create blogs, newsletters, email marketing content, or even social media posts. The more content you have online, the more people can find your brand through the platforms they interact with most. You also give people with hearing problems a chance to interact with your content when you provide transcripts of your audio files. On the other hand, doing English-to-Thai translation will make your content understandable to Thai speakers.

Better SEO Rankings

Converting your content from speech to text makes it easier for search engines to locate and rank your web pages on the SERP. Moreover, changing your English content to Thai will help your site show up when people search for popular Thai keywords. It is paramount to ensure that you do not lose sight of high-ranking keywords during translation or transcription. A good SEO strategy will translate to more website traffic, which is essential for increased sales.

A More Enjoyable Shopping Experience

Translating your website and product descriptions to Thai enhances your customer’s experience. People love buying from a brand where they can understand the language. Considering that many Thais are not fluent in English, selling your brand in their native language will make them feel like you’re making an effort to connect.

Who Uses Thai Translation and Transcription Services?

Many businesses will kill for the opportunity to penetrate and thrive in the Thai market. Others may want to improve the communication between stakeholders. Here are a few industries that often hire Thai translation and transcription services:

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Patient records, prescriptions, dosages, and medical instrument manuals are all files you would transcribe or translate to or from Thai to enhance communication or record keeping.

Academia and Research

Academic and research institutions transcribe and translate their notes, lectures, and school programs to accommodate Thai speakers. Researchers do the same to their study findings to enhance knowledge sharing.


Translating or transcribing content to or from Thai increases the versatility of marketing files, making it essential for SEO purposes.


As a manufacturer, you would transcribe or translate your product descriptions, user manuals, and website to meet the demands of an international market.


Professionals in the legal field, such as lawyers, courtroom reporters, and police officers, transcribe or translate interrogations, victim statements, and court proceedings to or from Thai.

Your Options: Man Versus Machine

There are two ways in which you can do Thai translation and transcription

Human Services

Humans are the most reliable when it comes to transcription and translation, yielding 99%+ accuracy. The processes involve a few rounds for optimal quality assurance.

AI Tools

AI software is another way to obtain transcripts and translations. The method is more affordable and fast, but it’s associated with awkward errors. You will have to proofread every resulting document.

Final Thoughts

You might miss out on the global market by only focusing on English-speaking countries. Thailand has a vibrant economy that you can tap into through Thai speech-to-text conversion and translation. Don’t get left behind!

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