Studying Over the Holidays? Here Are 4 Festive Tips!

Studying Over the Holidays

The tree is lit, the roast is in the oven, and the stockings are hung by the chimney with care. But despite the season, you have some studying to do.

There are several reasons why you might wish to extend your studies throughout the holidays. You might want to get ahead in your coursework in the hopes of finishing early. You might have a critical exam looming and want to ensure you’re prepared. Or, perhaps, you just don’t care to backslide in your education, opting to stay academically engaged despite the holiday festivities.

Whatever your reasons, you understand that studying over the holidays can pose unique challenges. To get the most out of your holiday studying, follow these four festive tips!

Plan Your Studies Around the Family Schedule

There’s no getting around the family schedule. Visiting relatives, playing holiday games, sharing delicious dinners – these are an essential part of any family holiday season. Rather than fight the family itinerary, choose the path of least resistance and work around it.

These days, more students are doing e-learning – which means they can afford to be flexible with their time. Kindly ask your parents for the holiday schedule in advance, and then engineer your study schedule around it. If some days look busier than others, allocate less of your time toward them.

Establish a More Generous System of Personal Reward

The holidays have to feel special, even if you are studying. To celebrate the season and ensure that you remain motivated to learn, establish a more generous personal reward system.

Do you usually reward yourself for a couple of hours studying with half an hour of playing video games? Up that video game time to a full hour. If you normally reward yourself with a bowl of ice cream, add some whipped cream and sprinkles to it! The holidays are all about enjoyment, and your system of personal reward should reflect that spirit.



Find a Spot Where “Not a Creature Is Stirring”

The holiday season tends to bring out the merriment in the entire household: boisterous conversation, round-the-clock Christmas hits on the radio and holiday movies blasting from the living room.

To prepare for your holiday studies, find a quiet space in the home – a space suitably and reliably buffered from the merrymaking. If no such space exists in your home, refer to the family schedule above and try to agree with everyone in the household on a quiet time in the day. Everyone will understand – after all, your family wants to see you succeed.

Give Yourself a Break

This isn’t a tip for studying as much as it’s a reminder that not studying can also have educational benefits. Your brain needs breaks in order to function at peak capacity.

Although you might be worried about an impending deadline or eager to work through your online courses, take some moments during the holidays to close the laptop, drop your shoulders and spend time with your loved ones. When you do return to your studies, you can return with fresh eyes and renewed energy. Happy holidays and happy studying!

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