Strategic Tools For Boosting The Morale Of Employees To Work Efficiently


Focusing on employee morale is smart business. Boosting morale can boost productivity by 21%. As morale increases stress and sick leave related costs decrease. Focusing on morale increases employee retention. Here are some ideas to create a happier workforce.

Purge Upper Management of Counter-Productive Attitudes

Bosses who lead by abuse and humiliation should be terminated. Individuals in upper management who are openly racist or sexist have to go. Purge the profane, those who don’t take personal responsibility, and disruptive influences.

Treat Employees Like Family

Companies often refer to their employees as “family”. Actually treating employees like family will increase morale. Staff members should receive gifts in recognition of special events like the birth of a child. If an employee suffers a bereavement the company should be represented at the services and a sincere enquiry about anything the employee may need should be made.

Don’t Let Your Staff be Strangers

Get to know your employees as individuals by asking them questions like “What’s your favourite hobby?”. You don’t need to know an employee’s complete bio. You just need to have a personal conversation with individual workers. Employees need to feel that they are more to their employer than a means to an end.

Make a Game Out of Work

To motivate employees there is a platform such as Power2Motivate Australia which suggests you with something that they call “gamification”. Employees are awarded points for completing tasks. Gamification appeals to the competitive aspect of human nature.

The employer sets the rules and creates the scoring system. A leaderboard needs to be posted. The leaderboard will be a morale booster because it openly acknowledges a job(s) well done. The gamification approach should be based on a game that the staff is likely familiar with.

Offer Supplemental Benefits

Supplementing employee benefits with inexpensive benefits can help employees maintain a positive attitude toward their work. One business provides its staff with a monthly wellness allowance. The allowance is money to purchase anything that promotes health and wellness.

Make Sure Employees Go Out to Lunch

Having lunch at your desk stifles creative thinking. Leaving the office and getting a change of scenery reinvigorates workers. Managers should set an example for their subordinates by going out for breaks.

Do Away With Emails

Emails are a source of stress. It has been demonstrated that blood pressure and heart rate go up in over 90% of workers while they are reading emails. Software like Slack or Trellow should replace email for interoffice communications.

Keep Promotions In House

Employees need chances for advancement. When an advanced position opens employers should look within their existing talent pool to fill the position. If someone has the ability to fill the position but needs some training the company should provide the training.

Pass Praise Along

If an employee’s performance inspires praise from a client the worker should be made aware of it. If one client praises a staff member’s effort the staff member will strive to deliver the same level of satisfaction to other clients.

Have Regular Family Days

Family days combines employees’ professional lives with their private lives. Having loved ones around provides an emotional lift. Seeing what it is that a spouse or parent does for a living can bring families closer together.

Treat Staff Members to Fun Activities

A company called Clearlink hosts what amounts to a carnival for their employees. Property Solutions treats its staff members to an overnight winter retreat that features a variety of fun activities. Smaller companies can sponsor a company picnic.

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