Steve Fisackerly – Should Football Fans Be Allowed Into Stadiums?

Football Fans

There is a lot of talk at the moment about letting fans back into football stadiums, with authorities seemingly unconvinced by the movement which is seeking to get fans back in. Experts in the industry like Steve Fisackerly have been having their say on this and there are a number of petitions which have been signed by thousands of people who wish to get football stadiums full again.

The impacts of not having fans in stadiums is huge and this is largely the reason why so many want to see this change, with cases rising however, governments seem unconvinced.

The Issues This Creates

What we are seeing here are huge problems brought about as a result of football matches taking place without the fans. The key issue here is sustainability, as match day revenues is what keeps so many clubs from the league in business. Without the revenue which is brought in at the gates, many clubs are struggling financially, and some may even go out of business. Furthermore you have the match day staff to consider, who are no longer working, as well as the fans themselves who look forward to this day all week.

Safety Measures

There is no doubt that big stadiums are not going to see full houses again for a very long time, but this is not what is being asked for. The request which so many are making is simply that some level of fans are allowed back into the stadiums and the grounds around the country. Even if stadiums opened to 25% capacity, it would be a move in the right direction. Much like entering a restaurant, temperatures could be taken on the way in to reduce risk, sanitation points could easily be set up and social distancing could be practiced. In many cases there is little difference in what we would see in the stadiums, versus what we are currently seeing in bars and restaurants.

Home Fans

The measures would also include the restriction of away fans, this makes sense of course because then you cut out the risks associated with large numbers of people traveling for games. Many home fans could make their way to the grounds in a sensible manner, and if they so wished the clubs could even put on transport for those fans.


Ultimately the risk will be down to those going to the ground, and they will also have the responsibility to take care of themselves to and from the stadium. With new measures in place there really is no reason as to why some proportion of fans shouldn’t be allowed in the stadiums to watch their teams play, the longer that we wait to get the fans back in, the more that this industry is going to lose on the whole.

What do you think on this topic, time to get those fans back into their seats to watch their team play? Let us know in the comments.

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