Sneeze Guard Designs to Protect from Pandemic

Sneeze Guard Designs

Sneeze guards are known by many names now as hygiene screens, perspex screens, cough guards, and more. However, all these represent the same thing, which creates a physical barrier between people to limit germ and virus exposure.

Given the latest global situation of COVID-19 and the health concerns it propels everywhere in the globe, all public places like restaurants, bars, bakers, banks, coffee shops, cafes, and other locations where there is a need for a physical barrier need to think of a sneeze guard for protection. At service desks, it can create a protective shield to patron the employees from any unnecessary exposure.

Different sneeze guard designs

Sneeze guards are simple partitioning systems that can be designed in any way. The most popular use of sneeze guards is at food counters and areas where food is displayed. This is to ensure that germs and viruses are not spread between the workers and customers and prevent the food it protects from getting contaminated with respiratory droplets.

Height of sneeze guards

For ideal protection, the height of a sneeze guard should be a minimum of 4 inches more than the head height of the individual protected. There are desktop sneeze guards and full-size sneeze guards, and for each, the height needed to be decided according to this proportion. There are different materials used for screen guards as below.

Plexiglass screens

It is an option for you to purchase different clear pre-cut screens or custom-built them based on your requirements. Plexiglass screens are so popular and are widely used at offices.

Clear plastic sheets

You can install clear vinyl sheets as screen guards, which can be fixed using bonding or pipes and fittings to support the screen posts. You can do a DIY sneeze guard using pipe and fittings for minimal usage, which will give you the flexibility to make it at any size or layout. You can find custom made screen cuts at the stores, which you can purchase and install at your location quickly.

Various designs of sneeze guards include:

  1. Linear sneeze guards can be easily erected and removed.
  2. Enclosed sneeze guards, which can offer complete protection against infections.
  3. Freestanding sneeze guards requiring no support poles or structural support.
  4. Side mount sneeze guard to fixed on to the walls or other surfaces.
  5. Freestanding sneeze guards of full height to cover the entire height of the individual in a standing position.
  6. Freestanding sneeze guard of half-height to cover half of the height in sitting position.
  7. Make it wider with extension posts to expand and reduce the screen size based on the situation’s need.

You can easily find a good fitting sneeze guard based on your needs to be fixed in the given space. As all types of fixations and shapes are available in sneeze guards, you will not find it difficult to get in the needed dimensions based on your area’s layout to be protected. It is also possible to custom-fix screen guards by taking the measurements accordingly and placing an order with custom screen guard manufacturers.

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