Six things that wreak havoc to your Immune System

Immune System

The immune system’s function is to protect your body from bacteria, viruses, and foreign invaders that will cause harm to your body. Certain things will weaken your immune system. Having a robust immune system will protect your body from diseases. Weaken the immune system will increase the chances of getting infections. In this article, we will discuss six things that wreak havoc on your immune system.

Not Washing Hands:

Washing your hands after doing some activity, using the bathroom, public restrooms are essential. It will help you keep clean and safe from any bacteria and viruses that will affect your immune system. If you don’t wash your hands frequently, you will have more chances of suffering from diseases.

If you don’t wash your hand, the bacteria, foreign invaders, viruses present on your hand will get into your mouth and weakens your immune system. Once your immune system is a week, your body will easily be affected by any disease. To keep your immune system strong, wash your hands frequently in a day, so you have fewer chances to get involved by any disease. When you keep yourself clean and healthy, your immune system will automatically become strong.

Having Less Sleep:

The immune system also depends upon your sleep cycle. Having a good sleep cycle will improve your immune system. When we take enough sleep, the stress level decreasing. Your body will get relaxed.

When your body’s stress level is reduced, the immune system will boost up, and your immunity become strong.7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for your health. If you don’t get a proper sleep cycle, it will have wreak havoc on your immune system.

Therefore it is essential to get a good sleep cycle so that your immune system is not affected by it. It will help to keep your body relax; you will feel fresh after having your sleep. Having a good sleep cycle is essential for your immune system.

Having too much exercise:

No doubt exercise is essential for good health and fitness. It will help your body to remain active. But having too much activity will hurt your immune system. It will suppress your immune system. After having exercise, the body will produce certain hormones that suppress your immune system. It will decrease the white-blood cells below resting level. This will lead them to affect by bacterial infections and diseases.

Having too much exercise also increases the production of two hormones of stress are cortisol and adrenaline. When the production of these hormones increases, it will affect white blood cell function. The white blood cells are cells that protect your body against any foreign particles and infectious bacteria. You should do your exercise but not exceed the limits that will adversely affect your immune system.

Intake of alcohol:

Intake of alcohol will badly affect your immune system as it will disturb your whole body functions. The immune system is also one of them. When you consume alcohol, it will not be stored in your body. Your liver will directly metabolize it. Then it will have its effect on all body organs.

Consumption of alcoholic drinks has their an adverse impact on the body for a long time. Intake of alcohol can affect your sleep cycle badly, and when you don’t have enough of your sleep, your immune system will be affected.

Alcoholic drinks contain ethyl alcohol that hurts the immune system, leading to certain respiratory and lung diseases. The people who consume alcohol are affected mainly by many conditions because their immune systems cannot protect them from foreign invaders, bacteria, and viruses.

The body cannot fight against the diseases because the intake of alcohol has weakened the immunity system. Having a robust immunity system will decrease any disease’s risk factors and keep your body healthy and active. Read more about Alcohol Consumption and its effects to find out how dangerous it can be.

Deficiency of Vitamins:

Vitamins are essential for our body to work correctly. The body produces some vitamins, and food, vegetables, and fruits take. Eight essential vitamins help to stimulate our immune system. Vitamin A and D are two essential vitamins that are needed to boost up your immune system.

Vitamin A and D can produce innate and immune responses. When both of these vitamins are deficient, the body’s immunity will be weakened and lead to certain infections and diseases. Vitamin D helps in the production of white blood cells and protects the body from any illness. Vitamin C also helps to reduce infection. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant. Zinc leads to the production of immune cells.

All vitamins have their specific and vital role in maintaining your immunity system. If you lack these vitamins, you will not have a robust immune system that will fight against diseases. The deficiency of Vitamins not only affects your immune system but will also lead to other body functions. You should take care of your body’s need for vitamins and take proper vitamins in your daily routine.

Having High-Stress Level:

Sometimes there are conditions, some events in life that will lead to your high-stress level. Temporary stress has no adverse effect on health, but if you have long-term stress, it will weaken your immune system. When your body is under stress, it will decrease your white cell production.

White cells are immune cells that protect your body against any bacteria, virus, and infections. As the white blood cells decrease, you have more chances of having diseases and infections. Your stress level causes your body to produce a high amount of stress hormone known as cortisol.

When the amount of cortisol rises, it will develop the chances of getting inflammation. Stress leads to a higher level of inflammation and anxiety. The immune system will not able to protect your body against any disease. You should adopt specific measures that will help to reduce your body stress level.

Meditation and yoga are the two best ways to remove your stress. You have to care about your health measures. Stress is the condition that will lead your brain to anxiety. Having a high stress level is not suitable for your immune system. Weaken immune system will not able to protect you. A robust immune system leads you to live a healthy life.

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