Simple ways to boost your erection and stay harder for longer

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Are you looking to boost your erection and wondering what the best way to do that is?

If you want to have harder erections and have them for a longer time it is most suspected that you might suffer from the doctors call erectile dysfunction.

This is a penal disorder in which you don’t get harder erections. Your disorder is because either you are suffering from some kind of physical disorder or a psychological problem.

But guess what you have got medications and to treat that. Yes, there are pills available in the market that will help you to cure the ED problem and thus you don’t have to keep shying away from the bed with your partner.

You can take Cenforce and Vidalista pills to boost your erection. It is the use of oral medical pills to boost your erection.

But is the use of medicines the only possible way for achieving erectile hardness?

No, you have got other ways too to improve your erectile hardness. You can use simple techniques at home for boosting your erections.

Here we will discuss some of the ways that you can easily employ right now and have erections for sustained periods.

But before that, we will inform you of the other treatment methods besides using Cenforce and Vidalista.

What are the other methods to treat your ED problem?

There are various types of methods that you can employ in case you want to treat your ED.

You can choose to go with surgeries that will insert manually inflatable penile implants. Or else you can try the conventional age-old herbal pills and medicines to cure your medicines apart from using chemical compound medicines such as Cenforce and Vidalista.

In most cases, your surgery will be a success. The use of herbal products is on the rise today and it is the same for your disorders like ED.

You can sue a variety of ED herbal and ayurvedic pills that contain horny goat weed, Gingko Biloba, L- arginine, Red ginseng, etc.

But are surgeries and the insertion of penal implants safe?

Why not go for surgeries for treating minor or moderate cases of ED?

The surgical method of treatment is the best if you want to get a permanent cure for the ED problem. But it is not considered to be safe sometimes.


It is because the insertion of such implants in your penis can cause major problems and crop up side effects eventually.

This might also pose a lot of severe health problems that can disable your penis to erect.

Some of the severe implications of surgeries for ED include infections inside the penis tissues,

Growth of rashes on the penis, peeling of the skin, blisters on the skin, pain in having erections, and also while urinating, etc.

But this is not the case when you take Cenforce and Vidalista pills to cure your ED problem. The benefit of using the ED pills is that most of the side effects are mild to moderate. There are rarely heard instances of people suffering from detrimental side effects upon the use of ED.

Why is the use of herbal products not advised sometimes?

There are some potential side effects of even using the herbal and ayurvedic products to treat your ED problem.

The most important thing is that most of the herbal products are not approved by the FDA unlike the use of medications such as Cenforce and Vidalista which are medically approved for use by the common people.

Sometimes the herbs could be contaminated or have impurities in them which can cause digestion problems, diarrhea, and liver or kidney problems which can be a major issue.

These are the OTC drugs that you don’t get prescribed by the doctor in their prescription. So the risk of quality and ingredients is always a problem.

Another problem is that these herbs are mostly exported from other countries so the cost of treatment and one bottle of pills is too much and generally beyond the affordability of the common people.

Why is the use of medicines better in most ways?

The use of medicines like Cenforce and Vidalista is much better in certain ways.

Unlike the herbal pills, these are certified by the FDA and the cost of the medicines is much lower too. There is no such thing as duplicacy when you are buying the most recommended brand of such medicine such as Cenforce, Viagra, and Vidalista.

Another important factor is that they generally do not have severe side effects. Most of the side effects are mild and sometimes only last only for the first few days of a patient taking the pills for the first time.

They ate highly effective and generally the effects last for around 8-36 hours depending on whether you are using Cenforce or Vidalista.

What are the homely treatments that you can use to cure ED?

There are some treatments that you can do at home. All you need to do is to get aware of them and apply them in the right way.

The use of exercise is one such basic treatment that does not involve any cost. You can follow youtube channels and do them at your home any time during the day.

There are various exercises such as pilates exercise, kegel exercises, pelvic floor exercises.

Apart from this, you can also do the ayurvedic exercises.

You can also work upon your diet and include a few food ingredients in your diet to have better erections.

Food items like watermelon, oysters, dark chocolate, olive oil, pomegranate, walnuts, fishes like maceral, tuna and sardines, and garlic help treat ED.

Of course exercises and the right diet have to be pursued for a long time for seeing the changes. You don’t get it after a week. Sometimes significant changes can be seen after regularly maintaining your diet and doing exercises after several months.

And you can take your Cenforce and Vidalista pills as well while you are continuing on your diet or doing your exercise daily.

You need to have the dedication and the motivation to stick to your regimen every day.

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