Simple and Alternative Ideas for a Baby Shower

Simple and Alternative Ideas for a Baby Shower 1
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Some women feel the instinct of motherhood kick in at the moment they find out they are pregnant and start taking care of their bodies to give room for another life. It happens later for others. Motherhood begins in many ways and instances for women, but one common sentiment among all expectant mothers is the joy of anticipating the baby’s arrival. This anticipation is experienced not only by the mother-to-be but also by the people around her, and the best way they can share this moment is with a baby shower.

Throwing a baby shower is the first way that you can show how invested you are to the new addition of your friend’s or relative’s family. Giving Baby Shower Gifts is a close second. But what if the mother-to-be does not want to be the centre of attention? Here are a few low-key baby shower themes you can consider to help celebrate the impending motherhood of someone dear to you when she is hesitant to.

Children’s Book Shower

This subdued theme allows guests to bring a children’s book personalised with an intimate message. They can write down their well-wishes, advice, or life experiences they want to share. It is a good way for them to give nuggets of wisdom to the baby or even to the mother, especially if the giver has experience in motherhood. The subtleness of this theme is perfect for those who are hesitant about having a baby shower in the first place.

Advice Book Shower

This theme builds on the children’s book shower but is geared more towards the parents. Instead of using children’s books, guests can write down their messages in a journal or scrapbook. These messages can be parenting advice for the soon-to-be mother, a heartfelt message, or inspirational quotes and photos.

Baby Sprinkle

This theme is much like a traditional baby shower, except everything is done casually. The mother does not have to open Baby Shower Gifts inside a roomful of guests, all watching intently. The food prepared is also informal, such as a simple snack or light meal.

Time Capsule

For this theme, guests can bring a photo, trinkets, or any keepsake that has a special connection to the year of the baby’s birth. These can be placed inside a small chest or a box and tucked away safely. It can be given later when the baby is all grown up, much like a time capsule. It will show them what was relevant at the time they were born and give them a better appreciation for their parents and their generation.

The After Baby Shower

As the name suggests, this party is thrown after the baby is born, usually two months later. It is usually preferred by the parents who are better adjusted to their new living situation by the time. The atmosphere is informal, and the expected arrival time of guests is not set in stone. Once they do, they can help themselves to a buffet and some wine or cocktail and meet the baby.

Some women are not comfortable having a baby shower. To them, it feels contrived and obligatory, possibly leaving them with Baby Shower Gifts they could not use. But there are many ways to celebrate it. It may be a part of the tradition, but it does not have to be done traditionally. With enough creativity and communication, you can throw a baby shower that is memorable to the mother and all who care most for her and the baby.

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