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Should you choose in-home childcare services for your child?

in-home childcare
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Sending kids to the daycare has become a part of our lives. The trend is even more so in households where both parents work. As natural as it may seem to leave your child in the care of childcare provider, it is also nerve-wracking. In one glance, daycare is the best way to inculcate school schedules in children, but a parent cannot help but worry about the outside environment. That is why in-home childcare services are becoming a popular choice.

How does in-home childcare service work?

Also known as family child care, in-home daycare is where children are left with the caregiver at their home. This gives children a homely and familiar environment as opposed to a large daycare.

However, unlike regular daycare, caregivers need not be formally trained in early childhood education. They are essentially a mix between a nanny and daycare professional.

Advantages of in-home childcare service

  • Easier on the wallet: Compared to hiring a nanny and a regular daycare centre, home-based childcare services are affordable.
  • Smaller groups: In-home childcare systems have lesser children groups than a regular daycare. This enables a better learning experience for your child.
  • Flexible hours: Home-based daycare has flexible hours, which means they can accommodate parents’ sudden requests, like a nanny.
  • Wider age group: Unlike regular daycare, in-home ones can allow siblings to attend together due to their larger age group.

Disadvantages of in-home childcare service

  • Less-educated: When daycares hire teachers, they ensure sufficiently qualified candidates are selected. However, in-home childcare would most likely not have a holistic education. For instance, they may not be well-versed with childhood education techniques.
  • It is a home: Since the care provider takes care of your child at their home, chances are high for television exposure. It is, after all, someone’s home and your kid may be exposed to things you may want to keep away from them.

How to choose the right in-home childcare service?

When trying to choose among Auckland childcare services that are home-based, do the following three things:

  1. Ensure that the in-childcare service,
  • Follows safety protocols for infants and other children and is licenced to be safe for children
  • Has an up-to-date licence
  • Offers the minimum daily physical activity to children
  1. Ask the caregivers,
  • About their background, experience, etc.,
  • About the protocols followed in case of a caregiver emergency
  1. Ask for recommendations from acquaintances, friends, and family for a service they have used before.


Childcare is a sensitive part of life, for our young one’s futures may, very well, depend on it. Therefore, choosing the right care providers for your child is essential. Keep the tips given above in mind when choosing any daycare for your ward, be it in-home or in-centre.

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