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PMP, Project Management Professional, is a certification course for the project manager that is credential and industry recognizes your ability to manage the project after gaining the certificate. It is mainly for the demonstration of the education, experience, and skill that would help to lead and direct a successful project.

PMP certification always helps to sustain and maintain control over the project and is very imperative in every industry. The demand for skilled project managers in terms of skill varies in different industries and geographies.

For having a successful project, the project management professional often has to work with experienced and effective project managers. The project one got could always be good and efficient. But managing and controlling the project work always gets trickier.

It always requires better planning and sometimes often requires the input of project managers who have the ability to control and managing the project. This could only be possible if one has proper PMP training and follow Secrete Tip regarding Project Management Processes.

As one proceeds with the various project management techniques, it not only contains the overview, but also the breadth and depth of the project for the better control and management. If you want to tackle any of the processes in the project, then you must refer to the PMBOK guide for the proper guidance.

Now, learning about the control and monitor of the processes in management is very important and necessary. Even if you are preparing yourself for the PMP exam, it becomes very necessary for you to have an eye on how to monitor and control the project work. So, let us have a brief overview of the PMP control and monitoring.

Term Monitor and Control

If we try to define the term monitor and control, it states that it is a process to meet the performance of the managers according to the project management plan through tracking, reporting, and reviewing the projects.

The key benefit of the monitor and control of the project work, PMP, is that it helps the stakeholders to keep an eye on the project to understand the current situation and steps of the project with the ongoing budget fixing, schedule, and scope forecast.

Talking about the process of monitor and control of the project management, it is mainly concerned with Inputs, Outputs, Tools and Techniques, and Analytical Techniques. Before you seek detailed information regarding this, let’s see the few main points regarding the project is more concerned with:

  • Measuring the difference between the actual and planned performance.
  • To detect the corrective and preventive actions through assessing performance.
  • Appropriate risk plans are executed by the status reports.
  • To maintain the accurate and time-based information concerned with the project outputs and its completion.
  • Providing forecast updates including progress measurement and status reporting.
  • See and update the current cost and schedule information
  • Implementation of the approved changes occurred through monitoring.

Thus, the above-mentioned points could be studied during the PMP course for the monitoring and control of the project work. Let’s see the major inputs and techniques.


The inputs for the control and monitor of the project work in the process include:

  • Project Management Plans
  • Project Time Management (Schedule Forecasts)
  • Organizational Process Assets (OPA)
  • Project Cost Management
  • Differential and Validate Changes
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors (EEF)

These all points would be very effective if you have the PMP training so that it would help to control and monitor the project properly.

Tools and Techniques

The tools and techniques used by the project management tools in terms of monitor and control of the project work include:

  • Expert Judgement
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Project Management Information System
  • Meetings


Outputs play a major role in the success of the project. There are various outputs that you need for the monitor and control of project work, it includes:

  • Change Requests
  • Reports of work performance
  • Updates of the Project Management Plan
  • Update of the Project Document

Analytical Techniques

Various analytical techniques are applied in the project management for the forecast of the potential of the project manager outcomes based on the project. Among all these analytical techniques, the most common techniques are:

  • Regression Analysis
  • Variance Analysis
  • Casual Analysis
  • Reverse Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Effect and Failure Analysis
  • Grouping Methods
  • Methods of Forecasting

Other than this, there are various measures to take into consideration for monitoring and control project work. It includes:

Request Change

Throughout the project work, it’s quite natural that the project manager will tend to come across some changes. These changes are inevitable and also for the project work. PMP could also change some policies of the project.

Prevention Action

The reactive approach to the project can be done by taking corrective actions. One must require the knowledge and experience in knowing when to take the action and implement it properly.

Key Points of how to monitor and control project work

Whenever you are in doubt don’t ever forget to refer to the guide PMBOK, as it has all the solutions for the project in detail. Although talking about the monitoring and control of the project it works on two project management tools, mainly, process and process group.

This will help you when you are getting yourself prepared for the PMP course. These two terms, process and process group both of them are explained very delightfully in the PMBOK guide. Now, if we see what the guide exactly says, it gives the visual differences between them both.

  • Process: It is a systematic series of activities that would help to bring one or more outputs from the act to create one or more inputs.
  • Process Group: It refers to tools, inputs, and techniques of the logical grouping of project management.

These can be the main key points that would surely help a manager to have control and monitor of the project work to make the project successful in a better way.

Thus, this was all the information on how to monitor and take control of project work. Above we have described the monitor and control through all the various PMP processes.

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