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Remodel Your Living Room With These Creative Ceiling Designs

Remodel Your Living Room With These Creative Ceiling Designs 1

People often forget about the ceiling when they remodel their homes. They tend to put a lot of efforts into selecting furniture, wall colors, and other elements while overlooking the ceiling completely. On the contrary, a well-designed ceiling can significantly enhance the interior of any room, transforming an ordinary space into an outstanding one.

The living room is a crucial part of the house as this is where most family members spend time together, and guests are entertained. A ceiling design can add character to the room and create just the right ambiance. For example, a darker colored ceiling will create a cozy atmosphere while a light colored one will amplify the sense of spaciousness of your living room. However, ceiling design ideas are not limited to just colors, but different types of ceilings could elevate the appearance of this important area of your house.

Install a false ceiling to make your living room unique

If you want to avoid an average and plain ceiling for your living room, you may want to consider a false ceiling design. Sometimes called suspended ceiling, this type of ceiling is installed underneath the structural ceiling. The material used for producing the false ceiling panels are light-weight acoustic substances that are fitted in a grid pattern. The empty part between the false ceiling and the original ceiling can be utilized for hiding wires, air-conditioning system, and any other similar elements. This design might not be suitable if your living room has a low ceiling as it can decrease the height by around 4 – 6 inches. This type of ceiling design can be very versatile as the panels come in a large size and can be cut into any shapes and forms that you desire. As they are relatively light in weight, installation is also quick and easy.

Use a wooden cathedral ceiling for a dramatic statement

If you want a natural and country style theme for your living room, an ideal ceiling design would be the wooden ceiling. One of the most popular types of the wooden ceiling is the cathedral style ceiling which consists of even sided slopes that meet at the peak of the room. The wooden cathedral ceiling is a dramatic feature and will be very impressive. However, this type of ceiling is only suited for large rooms and can be expensive. Furthermore, practical considerations like ventilation and insulation can be more challenging with this kind of ceiling. Despite these problems, if you have a spacious living room and would like to have a wow-factor ceiling, the wooden cathedral ceiling is the way to go.

Utilize a tray ceiling to achieve an elegant look

Tray ceiling designs are one of more popular ideas for decorating the living room and dining area. There are two types of tray ceiling designs that you can choose from. An inverted tray ceiling has a suspended look where the middle section of the ceiling hangs lower than the perimeter of the room. On the other hand, the recessed tray ceiling is where the center of the ceiling is higher than the borders of the room. You can even decorate the sides of the tray ceiling with crown moldings giving it more elegance and finesse. This type of ceiling is particularly suitable for the living room because you can hang ornaments on it like crystal chandeliers or recessed lightings.

Fit a vaulted ceiling to enhance spaciousness

If you are looking to raise the level of brightness in your living room, you might want to opt for a vaulted ceiling. This design is similar to a cathedral ceiling but instead of having even sides that arch upwards, the vaulted ceiling can have slopes of different angles that meet at the top. This design is also particularly suitable for rooms with walls that have uneven heights. Because of the height of this ceiling, your light fixtures should hang at a lower level. Long pendant light fixtures pairs well with the vaulted ceiling design.

Because of the importance of the living room, this area needs to have the right atmosphere for people to socialize and spend time together. Leveraging on a good ceiling design will not only help achieve it but also increase the value of your home.

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