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Ready For A Home Makeover? Start By Installing Roller Blinds


If you regularly watch home renovation shows like House Rules and Buying Blind, you must be thinking – how can I improve my home without spending too much money? You would be surprised to know that with a little creativity and an eye for detail, there are inexpensive ways to beautify your home.

Interior designers suggest using bright colours, rearranging furniture, adding area rugs, and having plants. However, the most significant impact will come from decorating your windows. Hanging curtains and installing roller blinds are some of the easiest ways of dressing up your home.

Roller blinds will also keep your home fresh. Based on the records of the Bureau of Meteorology, Australia is growing warmer based on yearly comparisons. Therefore, now is the time to invest in blinds.

What are the different kinds of roller blinds?

There are three categories of roller blinds.


If you want to block sunlight completely, choose blackout roller blinds. Aside from keeping the heat out, these blinds will help in reducing your electrical bills and give you complete privacy. These blinds are perfect for those who need to sleep during the daytime.


The volume of people diagnosed with skin cancer is alarmingly rising in Australia based on statistics released by the Cancer Council. Extreme heat triggers some skin rashes. Sunscreen blinds shield your home from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Light Filter

These blinds are somewhere in between blackout and sunscreen. They filter sunlight with the use of lighter fabrics.

What are the ideal blinds for each room?

The cost of roller blinds will depend on the window size and fabric. Therefore, you should plan your screens accordingly.

  • For bedrooms, most people choose blackout blinds. Aside from providing the utmost privacy, these blinds help to improve the daytime sleep of those who work at night. Based on an article by The Canberra Times, an increasing number of Australians are working on graveyard and night shifts. Therefore, blackout blinds are becoming essential.
  • Kitchens will need sunscreen and light filters. Choose water-resistant fabrics to avoid stains and damages.
  • In living rooms, you can choose all kinds of roller blinds, depending on the purpose. During the day, use sunscreen to shield the room from rays of the sun. At night, use blackout blinds to keep the house fresh.
  • Bathrooms are private places and will need blackout blinds. Similar to kitchens, the material should be waterproof. Others may opt for light filters since they shield light and provide privacy.
  • Sunscreen blinds are ideal for home offices because they protect the room from the glaring rays of the sun. For board rooms, however, blackout blinds may be necessary for presentations.

Are there options to operate roller blinds?

Most roller blinds are chain operated. By pushing and pulling a chain or cord, the blinds move up and down. You can leave only a portion of the window exposed.

Cordless blinds, however, are ideal for homes with young children. These are controlled by hand by holding on to the bottom rail.

Motorised blinds are the most advanced. These roller blinds are battery-operated and operated by remote control.

Using roller blinds will keep your family healthy by improving sleep and shielding them from harmful UV rays. With a wide variety of attractive designs, there should be suitable choices for your home makeover.

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