Paying NBPDCL payments online using electronic methods of payment

Paying NBPDCL payments online using electronic methods of payment 1

Are you a resident of North Bihar and making monthly NBPDCL electricity bills is a cause of huge contention in your family? It is understandable – standing in long queues in the hot Indian sun, especially during summers and the humid climate during the rains can make any normal person want to go into hiding! Obviously the manual bill payment process has never been kind to the masses. When it changed to the automated systems, things did become fast and more efficient but it still required the consumers to start queuing up infront of the payment counter from wee hours to ensure that they get the first few spots. Else, it meant standing at the never-ending queues for hours together with no respite and with lots and lots of patience.

Things have changed now – for the better! Whether you are rich and wealthy or belong to the economically lower class; whether you are an adult or a student in the high school; whether you are married or single; whether you are educated or not; whether you live in rural India or the city – you can now pay your NBPDCL bills in complete leisure and luxury. This is due to the advancement in technology that today we can make online digital payments that happen at lightning speed, is safe and most of all – is not tedious and monotonous.

Paying NBPDCL bills easy with online payment methods

Digital payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, Bank Transfer, UPI systems and the electronic wallet enable easy and fast payment. They do not involve cash, and do not require a person to manually count the amount to verify if the correct value has been paid or not. They can be transferred from one account to another swiftly, at any time of the day because these forms of payments happen 24×7. They are also safer than cash, because no one other than you have access to use the amount contained in these digital systems. Digital methods of payments can be used from anywhere on this planet, as long as you have the necessary balance in the system being used.

In order to pay for your NBPDCL bills, all you have to do is either use the official website of North Bihar Power Distribution board or use the website or the App of a third party payment collector, also called online payment aggregators like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe. You can use your smartphone to initiate and settle payments online or use a computer terminal, laptop or any other smart device for making such online payments. The only pre-requisite for the digital payment from a smart device is the internet connectivity that will connect your personal device to the virtual world. While the official website will facilitate only payments for electricity bills for registered consumers of NBPDCL, the payment aggregators have much more to offer in terms of services that consumers can undertake from one single platform.

Making life easy and simple, less strenuous and comfortable, online digital methods of payment is here to stay for a long time to come!

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