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There are lots of revolutions witnessed by the education sector in the past decade. Still, the number of colleges making paperless admissions was very few until the pandemic happens this year. 2020 has changed lots of things for the entire world, and the education system is one of them. No matter, you need to sign documents online or want to get admission advice, everything can be done online nowadays.

Yes, you hear it right! Paperless admissions to universities are possible with the help of electronic signatures. This technology was launched many years ago, but the world has come to realize its importance more after Covd-19. In this post, we are going to talk about how paperless admissions is changing landscape using digital signatures and help the students to continue their studying without compromising with safety.

Why the education sector needs the paperless admission process with electronic signatures?

There are a plethora of advantages provided to the students if we talk about the electronic signatures, especially with software like eSign Genie. Allow us to tell you how this technology can make your education better. 

Better focus on the activity

There won’t be any need to waste time on the paperwork with the automation & signing of documents digitally. It let the students to have more focus on the activity that can be useful for their future. In simple words, both the universities and students will target their core activity instead of worrying about admissions.


As mentioned above, the world is going through a pandemic in the form of Covd-19, where it isn’t safe to stand in queues for the admission process. The process of paperless admissions let the students complete all the formalities digitally and secure their seat in the designation institutions. They can keep themselves as well as their families protected without compromising with their education.

Streamlined Application Process

There is a lot of time consumed by the traditional paper-based admission process involving fee collection, event registration, and student admissions. Also, it is pretty tedious to perform pen and paper signatures that affect the flow negatively. The availability of eSignature software allows the parents and students to sign documents online from any part of the world.

Data Security

Apart from safety, there is a considerable amount of boost provided to the security of important information mentioned in the papers with the digital admission process. You can share the documents securely without keeping them in hand. The students and parents won’t have to worry about losing their important documents used in the application process.

Saves Money

Another useful prospect of a doctor signature is it saves money for both students and institutions. The reason behind that is they no longer have to spend too much money on printing, couriers, copying, etc. All they need to do is filling out the form online and using quality digital software for signing the documents without any mess. A solid amount of money can be saved by following this paperless admission process.

How are digital signatures used for innovation in a college education?

Over the past few months, there are back college techniques developed by institutions & universities organizations for performing remote learning to keep the students and faculty safe. As per the latest survey, more than 50% of educational institutions have employed the remote learning and admission process for the foreseeable future.

There is a full possibility that remote education will continue perfectly in the future. That’s why the majority of higher education institutions are looking at this technique as an opportunity for making the student-teacher experience better. Have a look at the right way through which digital signatures can be useful as an innovative technique by authorities.

Choosing the right electronic signature provider

The most important thing to do is choosing the right digital signature provider so that every paper-based admission application can be processed online. It should consist of everything ranging from the application form to permission slips and general student forms.

Documents accessibility via mobile

Making it possible to sign documents online through mobile will assist in prioritizing modernization that directly boosts the efficiency and student experience. The main motive of this attempt is to let the students and teachers sign and fill all the documents at their convenience using a mobile phone.

Streaming the complete agreement

The entire agreement process should be wholly streamlined for students and parents. It is very important considering documents, such as procurement forms, teacher contracts, etc. Having an experienced provider will be very helpful in performing this work ranging from signing documents online to proper analysis and management.

Using a digital agreement process will let the college institutions to focus more on the teaching and less on the paperwork. They will be able to understand the needs of students in a better way. On top of that, the administrators can boost their efficiency at work and give a good experience to their students.

What is the future of paperless admission in the education sector?

The future of education strongly depends on the digitalization of colleges and universities as well as schools. Covd-19 has even further highlighted the requirement of digital infrastructure for education. We will surely witness tons of innovations in the upcoming years for making the learning and admission process better.

Learning management will definitely be the main priority of all countries around the globe. The time wasted by both colleges and parents during the enrollment and admission process will be greatly reduced. It only does not save the headache and efforts but also assists in making the infrastructure transparent. It can work for everything ranging from filing admission forms to sign documents online with almost no mess.

Sum Up

Paperless college admissions are pretty convenient in the presence of an effective electronic signature provider. Both the students and teachers can plan their future better with this technology. The colleges can also use digital signatures for boosting efficiency without any effect on their structure.

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