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Packaging your pellets is one of the most challenging parts when it comes to pallet shipping. Without proper packaging, you risk having your pellets rejected by the distribution centers of Amazon. Worse still, you may lose money trying to repackage or replace the lost inventory. Errors in packaging, stacking, as well as labeling, can lead to pallet rejection. This can cause unnecessary delays and losses. So, if these are the things you don’t want, keep reading. This guide is going to take you through all things preparing your pallets for Amazon delivery.


If you want to do away with those costly delays when it comes to processing your Amazon pallet delivery, consider minimizing errors. Here are a few rules to follow when packing and stacking your pallets for Amazon delivery. They will help you minimize those annoying warehouse rejections.

Consider Calibrating Your Warehouse’s Weighing Station

Read the acceptable weight ranges when packaging your items. Doing so will eliminate rejections as well as other repackaging delays. Ensure all the items, cartons, as well as pallets, fall within the allowed weight ranges. Make sure that your weighing station is regularly calibrated. This will minimize errors. According to AFP, cartons should be below 30 kilograms. On the other hand, pallets should be limited to less than 500kgs. If you exceed these limits, your goods and items will automatically be rejected. This will not only be inconveniencing but will also cause unnecessary delays on the side of your customers. Also, ensure that the pallet stacking height doesn’t exceed 1.8 m high.

Stack and Package Boxes Properly

Don’t pile boxes. Piling them on top of each other will waste spaces. Instead, consider staggering the stack. Doing so offers extra strength for piling in addition to eliminating collapse related risks. Remember, collapsed boxes will lead to unnecessary time-consuming delays. Plus, if Amazon considers your products not properly packaged, they will be rejected. They may also unpack and repackage them at your own expense. Also, you may have to pay non-compliance fines for not safely packing hazardous items.

Additionally, you should utilize clear shrink wrappings when packing your Amazon pallets. Amazon doesn’t allow colors such as black for pallet wrappings. Other colors will be automatically rejected.

Of course, your items may pass through the strict Amazon warehouse rules. However, that’s not all. You should pay close attention to the safety of your goods. In particular, you must ensure that they are safe—especially in transit.  Remember, your reputation can be ruined—especially if the customer is unhappy. Customers don’t love collapsed boxes. Customers will not do business with suppliers with negative reviews. So, take the time to pack your goods properly. Put the safety of the items first.

Pay Close Attention to Labels and Barcodes

Labeling and barcodes come with very strict rules and regulations. According to Amazon warehouse fulfillment, those who don’t follow these rules risk having their deliveries rejected. Even more, your inventory can get lost and even lead to costly fines. So, ensure you have Amazon labels and barcodes. Place them on the surface where they can easily be scanned. Amazon warehouse fulfillment’s scanners will reject invisible labels.

You should ensure that you have a single barcode. Multiple barcodes can interfere with the scanning process and confuse warehouse staff. At worst, your goods may get lost. Ensure that the labels are properly printed. In particular, use high-quality ink to print the labels. The labels shouldn’t fade. According to Amazon, it’s advisable to use laserjet printers when labeling your items.

Select a Reputable, Trusted Carrier

Don’t just work with any carrier. Remember, the safety and efficiency of your delivery are dependent on the carrier you choose. Go for a professional career. Hiring a trusted carrier to take your pallets to amazon center will minimize delays and boost your item’s safety. So, do your research. Read reviews. You can also ask for referrals from other business partners. Look at that carrier’s reputation. Avoid carriers with excessive complaints.

Understanding Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA, an abbreviation for Fulfilled by Amazon, is an exclusive service from Amazon that helps suppliers deliver goods to clients. With the Amazon FBA, you will be required to send your goods to the Amazon warehouse store after receiving an order from customers. From here, Amazon will be responsible for packing and shipping the goods to the client on your behalf. The best thing with pallet delivery Amazon is that they will do all the work and leave you to earn. From heavy weightlifting to repackaging, Amazon FBA has so much to offer.

Why Use Amazon FBA for Your Business

Businesses that allow their goods to be fulfilled by Amazon stand to gain a lot of benefits. From having absolute access to those Prime customers to quick and efficient business growth, having your items Fulfilled by Amazon is the way to go.

How to Pack Pallets for Amazon FBA

Proper pallet packaging is important. Don’t let packaging lead to delays and rejections. Get all the details right. Each pallet should have the following details:

  • Vendor name—the vendor’s name should be clearly visible
  • Address—the cartons should have clear to & from address. This should also include the PO numbers.
  • The number of cartons—include the pallet number and number of cartons in the labeling.
  • Same pallets—if possible, ensure that similar products are placed in the same pallets.
  • Mixed merchandise—if the pallets have mixed products, label it mixed merchandise.

Book Your Slot

Remember to book an advance delivery slot. Otherwise, your vehicle won’t be allowed into the Amazon warehouses. Also, be meticulous with the way you label your pallets. Use high-quality ink.  Arrive at the warehouse within 30 minutes. Don’t come after 30 minutes. Your goods will be rejected. Clear labeling is also key.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let packaging errors cause losses. Learn how to package your pallets for Amazon delivery. The above tips and tricks will help you get it right as far as packaging your items for Amazon delivery are concerned.

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