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Whenever you want to make your application for any sort of job, you will require something to represent yourself in front of your employer. The paper that will carry your necessary information to the employer is known as a resume. A resume is the very first thing that will make your request for the job available. Understand it with an example. Let say you have got to know that there is some vacancy in the company that you want to apply for. What will you do after getting this in your knowledge? Will you directly reach the employer and say, please hire me? By the way, if you are thinking to do so, then my friend, this is not the way. When you want to make the application, you need to request for them with a resume first.

A resume includes all that data that your employer wants to know about you; it includes your personal details, educational qualification, previous work data, and the skills you have. In simple words, a resume is your first impression to the employer, and you must have heard about the fact that “the first impression is the last impression” keeping this in mind, it is clear that you should create a resume that can impress your employer in no time. For this, you will need to go through Resume examples that will help you to create an impressive resume.

Different types of resumes

Resumes can vary from place to place and job to job; while creating a resume, it is important that you keep all the points in mind and create a resume that is according to the job that you want. Here are some of the different types of resume that you want to create:-

  • Accounting and auditing resume: you might be a genius in creating a company’s audit and can be equally talented that you can match the assets and the liabilities of the company, but do you even know how you should create your accounting and auditing resume? To show off your skills in this number game and to portray your knowledge in this field, it is important that you create a fine resume that fits this purpose; for this, you can go through some examples and use these Resume examples that are available online.
  • Administrative and clerical resume: without fluent administration, an organization is null and void, which means no matter which organization you belong to, if there is not a good administration, you will not be able to manage its work properly. To apply for a job that offers you the authority to manage the organization, you need a perfectly loaded administrative resume.
  • Advertising and marketing resume: wait a minute; are you an MBA? Well, if you are an MBA, you will have a subject from the list of the following. It can be marketing, advertising, human resource, and whatnot, but do you know that you will require to have proper knowledge of the field while applying for all these jobs, and you also need to create a perfect resume.
  • Arts and creative design resume: when you are from an artistic field, it becomes important that your resume should explain your artistic field at its best. But it is not like your resume should have drawings and sketches in it; a resume is a professional paper and should also look professional; that is the reason that you should create a resume after going through Resume examples.
  • Banking resume: many people desire to work with banks, this helps them to fulfill their dream of sitting all around the cash, but that is a little sarcastic that the cash doesn’t belong to them. Being the most desired job, the employer who wants to hire you in your bank gets thousands of applications for that job; now, it is your duty that you should look a little different from all others, for this get a resume build from a professional.
  • Charity and Non- profit resume: the services you want to render to society by joining a charity organization or Non-profit organization have brought to the point that you can officially join the organization. For this, you need to make a professional statement, and better is that you go through available Resume examples.

Above mentioned resume examples are from some of the common jobs that people love to do, but when it comes to reality in real life, there are lot more jobs that people love to do and a lot more resumes that come in their use.

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Steps to notice

Once you have gone through the resume style that you want to create, it is of utmost importance that you go through the points that will help you create a better version of the resume.

  1. Keep your basic contact details updated; it is an important task to do. Imagine a situation where you have not updated your contact details, what will you do when your employer wants to contact you but is not getting a way?
  2. Keep your summary statement in favor of the company for which you are applying for the job. By this, the company is able to see you as their employee and can increase your chance to get selected.
  3. Update your work history. Many jobs keep the criteria to provide job to the people who are experience holders in the field; for this, the company can make a judgment about you from your resume itself; hence it is important that you keep your work history updated and references clear.
  4. Keep updating your skills; there can be multiple things that you would have learned from your previous job or from the time that you have created a resume. So it is your duty to keep your resume updated from the information of the skills you have learned in recent times before making your request.


By now, you are very much clear that a resume can help you create a better version of you on the paper, and it is also clear that you can create a resume by going through resume examples that are available.

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