My Transmission is Malfunctioning: Repair, Rebuild or Replace?

My Transmission is Malfunctioning: Repair, Rebuild or Replace? 1

If your transmission is in trouble, your budget may be, too. Transmissions are complex, and issues with them are notoriously expensive. If you are facing transmission problems in Utah, find a mechanic offering transmission service in Salt Lake City that you trust. Then take the following steps.

Pinpoint the Problem

With luck, the check engine light came on due to debris on the sensor and there is no mechanical issue. More likely, your transmission has at least a few worn out parts.

Some parts are very cost-effective to replace, such as the clutch, bearings or worn out gear teeth. Fixing leaks may also be a low-cost repair option. In your automatic car, transmission fluid may be at the heart of the problem. The engine needs fluid with a certain viscosity and temperature sensitivity to maintain proper lubrication. If you used the wrong fluid and caught it before any permanent damage was done, you may be able to simply flush the unit and fill it with the correct fluid.

Price Out Parts

When you know what needs to be replaced, add up the cost of parts. Then include your mechanic’s labor hours; this will give you the total cost to repair the transmission. Compare that to a rebuild. Rebuilding requires disassembling the transmission, cleaning each part and buying new parts as needed. Worn out items often include clutch plates, bands, seals and gaskets. The price for the parts and labor of a rebuild often exceed the cost of replacement. Another drawback to rebuilding is that you often do not know the total cost until the transmission is in pieces, so the final cost may greatly exceed the initial estimate. If your car’s engine has more than 100,000 miles on it, or if the same issues have been recurring, replacement may be the best option. Replacement costs can be affected by several factors. Manual transmissions are typically more affordable than automatic; domestic cars tend to cost less than imports. Rare vehicles or classic cars present a host of issues that may require a specialist.

Prepare for the Future

When it comes to car repair, cost is just one consideration. Another is reliability. You depend on your daily driver for many things: commuting to your job, running errands and chauffeuring the kids to school and activities. In that case, a rebuild or replacement may be worth a few extra dollars. Whatever transmission service you decide on, ask about warranties. Warranties on repairs differ from shop to shop, and may depend on what parts were replaced. Rebuilds should be warrantied for a year or two, whereas replacing your transmission may come with a warranty of three years or more.

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